CUARENCENA – Interview with Filmmaker David Maler

Filmmaker David Maler’s vivid and visceral feature movie, CUARENCENA, is the Dominican Republic’s official submission for Best International Feature Film at the upcoming 96th Academy Awards.  Our Gadi Elkon talked with David about the film and much more!

Cuarencena is set in the tense early days of a pandemic, when a five-star chef and his wife host a dinner party at their chic apartment despite an extremely strict nationwide curfew. Seven friends under lockdown cannot leave the apartment for 12 hours. It’s a premise that may ring familiar in these turbulent times, but Cuarencena is a dark comedy that no holds barred, everyone is game.

Gadi and David talked about the food, the color scheme, shooting around a dinner table, and the honor of representing the Dominican Republic.

Interview with Filmmaker David Maler:

For more info on the film, CUARENCENA.

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