THE RE-EDUCATION OF MOLLY SINGER – Interview with Director Andy Palmer

Director Andy Palmer talked with our Gadi Elkon about his feature film, THE RE-EDUCATION OF MOLLY SINGER.

In college, attorney Molly Singer (Britt Robertson) was the life of every party. Now, she’s about to be fired because she can’t leave her partying ways behind. Molly’s boss, Brenda (Jaime Pressly), tells Molly there’s one way to save her job: re-enroll at her old alma mater, befriend Brenda’s socially awkward son, Elliot (Ty Simpkins), and take him from zero to campus hero. Aided by her best friend (Nico Santos), Molly goes to battle with stuck-up hall monitors, boozed-up frat brothers, and her old archenemy in a hilarious quest through the past to save her future.

Andy and Gadi talked about the great casting choices for the film, where they shot the film, and so much more!

Here is our chat with Director Andy Palmer about his latest feature film.

The Re-Education of Molly Singer – in theaters, on digital and on demand on September 29th!


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