Dallas VideoFest 28 – Interviews Chris Elliot, Harry Knowles and many more.

Diversity is a unique element to strive for when putting on a festival.  Bart Weiss and his Dallas Videofest team are highlighting the dynamic elements of our Dallas area with the incredible diverse program.  I had the great honor to interview a vast majority of the fine folks that brought their films to Dallas Videofest 28.

First up a shout out to the Videofest 28 winners.

Now lets dive into the wacky world of Videofest 28.  Over the years the Ernie Kovacs Award has become the singular most important feature of Videofest.  This year's recipients were the Elliot family.  I got to chat with the multi-talented writer, actor, producer, director and Emmy award winning, Chris Elliott.

To know more about the Ernie Kovacs award and all it's recipients please go, here.  The man who makes overseas such an important iconic legacy is Josh Mills.  Here is our interview with Josh about his mom Edie Adams & Ernie Kovacs.

The first official Videofest event involved director, writer, and artist Yen Tan.  The festival was honoring Yen's beautiful, elegant and expressive film poster artwork.  The talented filmmaker goes by the name, Otto Is The One.  Here is our chat with my friend Yen Tan.

As much as Videofest programs a festival strong in film and short film there also is a fun dive into TV.  This year the PBS broadcast of Ain't It Cool allowed for it's director Brett A. Hart and the man behind the myth, Harry Knowles to visit the festival.  Brett is a proud North Texan and an insightful director who helps bring to life Harry's unique and out there ideas.  Here is our chat with Director and Producer of Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles, Brett A. Hart.

And now here is the great Harry Knowles!!!

The Dawn of Technicolor co-author David Pierce talks with me about the history of Technicolor from 1915-1935.

A truly fascinating film, 3-D Rarities, test the boundaries and allowed for us to talk with 3-D Film Archive founder Bob Furmanek.

I was extremely angry after seeing the horrible reality that the documentary The HOAX showcases about Home Owner's Associations.  It's director Rodney Gray and I had an honest and even heated talk about the horrible HOA world in the doc The HOAX.

And here is an enlightening chat with young filmmakers who brought us The Wind That Scatter.  Director Christopher Jason Bell and director of photography Paul Taylor have created a moving portrat that forces the audience to see deeper into a person.  A deeply personal feeling film that allows you to coast through a man's life.

I hope you had the chance to experience Dallas Videofest 28.  If not, join us next year for 29!

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