Deepwater Horizon – Review By Gadi Elkon

Director Peter Berg continues to take on real life stories with an honoring mentality and a big Hollywood impact.  Deepwater Horizon is an intense look into the tragic events of April 20th, 2010.  Click through for Gadi Elkon's full review of the film.

Peter Berg's effects teams have created one of the most technically intense films of the year.  The IMAX experience puts you in the size and space of that oil rig's crazy explosion(s).  Deepwater Horizon is the first big feeling movie of the year.  It's star power, it's emotional moments and it's explosive scope have set the bar high for this year's action films.  Easily worth admission just for the visual and sonic impact the film will have on you. 

The slow build up to full on turmoil is one of the better elements of the film.  Berg's ability to map out the Deepwater Horizon's massive size and also touch enough character arcs to remind us of the real life figures behind these characters is impressive.  From Mark Wahlberg's beefed up Mike Williams to powerful performances by veteran actors Kurt Russell (Jimmy Harrell) and the wily John Malcovich (Vidrine) the film is stacked with a stellar cast.  Kate Hudson gives a slightly sexy performance that holds a powerful second act in which we capture the turmoil and fear of the family left at home during the tragic event.  Gina Rodriguez and Dylan O'Brien highlight the younger characters who easily become two of the more endearing and intriguing stories to unfold.

The element that ties the film nicely together is the impact of pressure on everything.  Pressure in the sense of a giant oil company trying to reach a profit margin by a particular time frame or the inevitable impact of pressure build up deep in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico.  These pending explosions are mirrored and given due explanation throughout the opening sequence of the film.  John Malcovich's character is thus one of the most important and best performances in the film.   The character of Vidrine is so pivotal in bringing these two pressure worlds together that his slow seep into the mud showcases just how unforgiving the pressure can be on eveyone.  Deepwater Horizon is a powerfully intense homage to the heroes lost.  Director Peter Berg is the smarter intelligent answer to the summer flock of Michael Bay and the Comic Book fodder style films that slowly are ruining quality action films.  Enjoy the action but be moved by the reality.

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