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    Hearing the title you might immediately think either “man bashing” or (more likely) “woman bashing”.  In truth, DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN is not either one.  It is a 90 minute stroll down relationship lane, with an honest look at how men and women look at life and relationships done with humor, lots of humor.

    Paul Perroni, a Chicago-based actor/comedian, performs this one-man show on a stage with a few strategic props.  The show starts with a short video which allows us to see Paul and his wife getting married and starting their life together.  Then he comes out on stage and regales us with tales from his marriage and the trials and tribulations that come from man and woman interacting with one another.  In other words, “Men are ASSHOLES!”  But are we?  Or are we simply misunderstood by women?

    Paul delivers his performance with such gusto that you can’t help but laugh at his punch lines.  I sat toward the back of the room so I could observe how the sexes reacted to Mr. Perroni’s information.  I observed the women enjoying themselves every bit as much as the men.

    I can whole heartedly recommend this play.  Paul will be performing for the first two weeks of the run and then Dallas’ own John Venable will step into the role.  I will be back on his opening night to let you know if he is a good as I suspect he will be!


Written by: Rob Becker


Starring: Paul Perroni


Dallas Show Dates and Times:

    March 21st – April 15th

        Tues-Sat: 8pm


            Sun: 2pm


Ticket Prices: $22.00 – 32.00


Run Time: 1 hour 30 minutes


Appropriateness Rating: "PG-13. Some language and subject matter”







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