DICKWEED – Interview with Filmmaker Jonathan I. Green

SXSW 2024 begins this Thursday March 7th and runs through March 16th.  Our Gadi Elkon talked with multiple filmmakers having their world premieres at the Austin based festival.  Here is our Interview with Filmmaker Jonathan Ignatius Green and his latest film, DICKWEED.

Two people got kidnapped. One man lost his dick. No-one got any money. This heist-gone-horribly-wrong led one Newport Beach detective on an international manhunt for the most twisted criminal he’d ever hunted. In 2012, Michael, a local weed dispensary owner, got home from work and plopped down on the sofa like any other weeknight. Three hours later he was zip-tied and eating dirt as three men tried to beat him into admitting where he’d buried the million dollars. And he would have gladly told them rather than endure what happened next. The only problem was, he hadn’t buried a million dollars, and after they tortured him and left him to die, he still had no idea who these men were.

Jonathan Ignatius Green returns to ATX with another unique documentary making its world premiere at SXSW 2024 on March 9, 2024.  Jonathan joined our Gadi Elkon for a lively discussion about the film, the title, the dick, and the weed.

Here is our Interview with Filmmaker Jonathan Ignatius Green:

The documentary has its WP this Saturday March 9th at SXSW 24.


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