DUNE – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez

DUNE – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez

Dune is based on a sci-fi novel that tells the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), a brilliant young man who is born into a world that he doesn’t understand but he does know that he must travel to the most dangerous planet to save his family’s legacy and all of mankind. 

The original novel Dune came out in 1965 and was a political tale for that era. The ’65 version was anti-corporate and pro-ecology. The 2021 version of the movie is more action and adventure than a political statement. 

The movie is filled with small roles by some big-name actors like Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, and Dave Bautista. They all give fine performances in this action thriller.

The most dangerous planet in the universe is Arrakis. It’s the planet where Melange is produced. The drug can extend life and give someone the ability to predict the future. It unlocks all of the potential of the mind. The drug is controlled by the Fremen, warriors on the planet who fiercely protect the drug to keep others from using the power of the spice to take control of their planet.

When Paul and his father arrive on the planet, they find that it’s a trap. The warriors of House Harkonnen are waiting for them when they arrive. There are some great futuristic fight scenes where the Fremen can travel between dimensions. The movie is a mash-up between Star Wars and Mad Max. There are some amazing scenes where the desert opens up and huge worms swallow people on the planet. 

You can see Dune at theaters and it’s also available online on HBO Max. Dune is rated PG-13 and runs 2 hours and 35 minutes. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate Dune a LARGE.

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