Everybody Wants Some – Interview with Actors Wyatt Russell and J. Quinton Johnson

Writer/Director Richard Linklater takes a slice of American life and makes it cooler in his latest masterpiece Everybody Wants Some. The film has been called a 'spiritual sequel' to Boyhood and Dazed and Confused. But don't go looking for Pickford or Slater. This is a piece of Americana all its own. The connecting factor is that Linklater takes what seems like a simple enough story and paints over it with his magic brush of vibrant colors. 

It's a Texas story about a group of college baseball players in 1980 marking their territory and getting their party on right before their scholastic careers begin. Classically handsome freshman Jake (Blake Jenner) arrives at the house where he will be spending his semesters with fellow teammates. Getting to know and adapting with their lifestyles is no easy task. But Linklater really pulls the curtain back fearlessly and allows each player to contribute their part with humor and truth.

What's striking about the film is the complexity within the simplicity. On the surface it's a story about college kids trying desperately to get laid, drinking a lot of beer and smoking a little pot. Okay, a lot of pot. But like Boyhood, for example, the beauty is in the dialog and the honest connection the actors have with each other. It's like seeing a Robert Altman film where you completely forget you're watching actors on the screen. Instead, you're in it too, on the sidelines eavesdropping on the natural conversations. 

Actors Wyatt Russell (Willoughby) and J. Quinton Johnson (Dale) were very aware of the magic they were making. They talked candidly about working with Linklater. He does a lot of rehearsals and preplanning. The opinions of the talent really matters to him too. The actors become comfortable enough with their characters and each other that the execution is flawless. Russell and Johnson also talked about the costumes, music and camera movement, including some beautiful continuous shots.

Check out the film's official website for more information about the film and show times.

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