FISH OUT OF TOWN – A Review by Jenn Rohm

FISH OUT OF TOWN – A Review by Jenn Rohm

It can be hard to make friends when you move somewhere new, especially in younger years.  Remembering what that is like when the next new kid moves to town and reaching out to them with open arms.  Fish Out of Town is a short film written and directed by Sofia Garza-Barba shows us how.

Anita (Ana Lozano) is a pre-teen with an affection for color.  She starts her day with a bike ride to deliver invitations to her birthday party.  Armed with Imaginary Anita (Maria Lozano) building self-confidence the story begins.  Anita is still working to make friends and isn’t getting the response she hoped for.  She sees another kid riding a bike that appears to be colorful as well.  He pulls up to a house with a “just sold” sign in the yard.  With a boost of confidence, she goes to his door to invite him.  Mix Martiloo (Eia Noel) answers the door and praises Anita for being welcoming.  Calling for Fish (Santiago Barrera) to come to the door Mix steps away.  Anita and Fish decide to go for a ride and catch the eye of others in the neighborhood.  The story shows what can happen when you remain true to yourself and accept others as they are.    

Good Town is a happy place to be that could be located anywhere in the world.  Newly built homes around a central park with the sun shining, kids playing, and an ice cream truck delivering treats.  The choices of color and patterns in costuming, bike accessories, and yard décor remind me of Lisa Frank’s whimsy.  The use of graphic art that has an anime vibe mixed with Ben-Day dots helps to tell the story and give it a younger feel.

The piece put a smile on my face and gave me a quote to remember.  “You are you, old or new, may you proudly carry what’s true to you.”

Bentonville Film Festival short entry


Director: Sofia Garza-Barba

Written By: Sofia Garza-Barba

Cast: Ana Lozano, Maria Lozano, Santiago Barrera, Mia Joaki, Paula Gonzalez, Nicolas Trejo, Eia Noel, Monica Leyn Fox

MPAA Rating: Not yet rated.

Genres: Short

Selig Rating: 3 stars

Runtime: 20m 58s

Trailer: Fish Out of Town trailer


The Selig Rating Scale:

5 Stars – Excellent movie/show, well worth the time and price.

4 Stars – Good movie/show

3 Stars – OK movie/show

2 Stars – Well there was nothing else…

1 Star – Total waste of time.

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