FLIGHTPATH – Interview with Filmmaker David Grabias

Winner of best short at the 2023 International Wildlife Film Festival and AmDocs, FLIGHTPATH is a meditation on death and mourning through the eyes of a wildlife researcher. When Sarah loses her husband in a plane crash, she changes careers and dives into a project studying bird and bat mortality for a wind turbine company in the California desert. Working after dark, all alone every night for over a year, she comes to terms with her grief through her relationship with her tracking dogs, as they diligently catalog the remains of dead flying creatures.

FLIGHTPATH’s Director David Grabias talked with our Gadi Elkon about Sarah, the dogs, the location and so much more!

A meditation on death and the mourning process through the eyes and work of a wildlife researcher and her dogs.

Director/Producer David Grabias talked with our Gadi Elkon about the connection to subject Sarah Jackson, the dogs, the wind farm, and so much more!

Here is our Interview with Filmmaker David Grabias:

FLIGHTPATH is a short film that is conducting an Oscar campaign for the upcoming 96th Academy Awards.


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