FOUR SOULS OF COYOTE – Interview with Filmmaker Aron Gauder

Hungary’s official submission for Best International Feature Film for the 96th Academy Awards is Aron Gauder’s FOUR SOULS OF COYOTE.  Aron and our Gadi Elkon talked about the animation, the story, the Oscar submission and so much more!

Native American protesters confront an oil pipeline project, down the hill from their ancestral land. The grandfather evokes the tale of Creation, reminding all of us that we need to find our place in the great circle of creatures.

Aron and Gadi talked about how Aron first got interested in different Native American lore and stories.  Aron would expand on the animation team, the character design and especially the importance of the Coyote.

Here is our interview with Filmmaker Aron Gauder:

For more info about FOUR SOULS OF COYOTE.

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