Friday Movie Releases – Interview with Particle Fever Director Mark Levinson

Chef is one of the real highlights of 2014. It's a masterful showcase by Jon Favreau. Godzilla also enters theaters with a massive (blue hue glowing)roar and should put Director Gareth Edwards on everyone's radar!  And a enlightening documentary by Director Mark Levinson, entitled Particle Fever comes out today.  Click through for my sit-down interview with Mark Levinson, my reviews of the films and the above cool poster is a totally awesome find by Pete at Central Track!!!

This engaging and eye-opening look into the people hunting for the universe's greatest secrets, in particular the Higgs particle!  The film is out at the Angelika Dallas today and Mark and some other smart professors are taking part in a few Q & A's.  Friday, 5/16 & Saturday, 5/17 following the 8PM shows there will be Q&As with Particle Physicists from SMU & UTA to discuss the film & discovery of the Higgs Particle.

"Let them fight…".  Godzilla!  Before we get into the monsters lets jump back to Director Gareth Edwards' film, Monsters.  The indie film made for under $1 million garned tons of praise and awards, it also caught the attention of a few big-name folks.  Gareth understands the art of suspense, he understands the beauty of the natural world and he understands how to tease us enough before unleashing havoc.  In this remake there seems to be a real respect to the genre and to the previous films.  It's a are in! One wonderful mixture of homage and naturally beautiful thriller.  Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey gives us the amazing shots of classic Tokyo and re-invents Godzilla in Hawaii, Las Vegas and Oakland. But it's his lingering takes on certain shots and the massive landscapes covered in others that make the film so epic in nature. This isn't just another blockbuster thrill ride, it's not Pacific Rim with large ass monsters terrorzing dark and cold cities.  Instead Seamus and the subtle touch of composer Alexandre Desplat give us a crisp passionate view of the world being terrorized by big ass Godzilla and his two pesky radation loving "foes".  Though his limited time on screen the passionate speeches by Bryan Cranston are worth your admission, it's the stoic nature of Ken Watanabe that should seal the deal.  It's his husky accent that utters the words, "Let them fight", and allows the kid-at-heart in Gareth, Seamus, Alexandre and the full team come to life!  Yeah the battle scenes are epic on ALL levels.  The mortal kombat style ending to the "mother" creature ushered a freaking roar from the packed Imax crowd I saw the film with.  Yeah no doubt, Godzilla is freaking KICK ASS! (ha get it. – also Seamus worked with Aaron Taylor-Johnson on Nowhere Boy – flawless look into young Lennon!).  Go see this already it's out NOW…Everywhere!

Chef has so many wonderful qualities.  Quality music, especially live performances, pop-up in the perfect spots and really keep a fluid pace to the film.  The cast itself is tremendous group and showcases Favreau's amazing reach in Hollywood.  Dustin Hoffman and Robert Downey Jr. really shine in their arrogrant ways, but it's little Emjay Anthony that shines as Percy.  His mood switches throughout the film really ground us in this father/son tale.  Add in the brillant casting of John Leguizamo and Bobby Cannavalle as Martin and Tony, who easily steal every scene they are in.


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