Interview with Director, Writer and Producer Charles Murray

Writer/Director/Producer Charles Murray latest feature film is, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW.  The moving look into the Cowans family is a must see according to our Gadi Elkon.  Gadi interviewed Charles about the film, the amazing cast and much more!

Boundaries and bonds are tested in this gritty crime-thriller drama about family, morality, and redemption. Once-incarcerated Marcus Cowans (Omar Epps) is trying to turn over a new leaf with the support of his loving family. Upon discovering that one of his brothers (Will Catlett) may have been involved in a horrific crime, Marcus grapples with the limits of brotherhood and loyalty. He and his family, increasingly weary of the justice system’s failings, end up in the crosshairs of a seasoned but jaded detective (Michael Ealy). Written and directed by Charles Murray, The Devil You Know evokes the question: Am I my brother’s keeper? And at what cost?

Charles Murray’s ability to weave a family drama amongst a murder-mystery highlights his talent as a storyteller.  Charles career has showcased his skillful talent in exploring the realities of everyday heroes, the violence filled world of those on both sides of the law and even the fantastical otherworldly realms of Jedi and superheroes.  He has helped patch together so many compelling arches to shows that it is no wonder he is always working!  His directing talents have been more calculated projects that dwell in deeper emotional tales.  The Devil You Know is just the latest example of the honest truth Charles is able to carve into a compelling story.  With a cast that is merged of familiar faces and new fresh talents Charles not only captures the family drama and love but the painful heartbreak of how one’s actions can impact more than just their one life.
Gadi and Charles talked about the film’s multiple dinner scenes, the great cast and much more.

The film is out in AMC Theaters starting tomorrow April 1st, 2022.

For more information – THE DEVIL YOU KNOW.

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