Interview with the Director of Streetlight Harmonies – Brent Wilson

A documentary that helps give unity to the singers and groups that birthed a sonic movement.  Filmmaker Brent Wilson sits down with many of the figures whose voices and courageous personalities shaped many of our lives’ fondest moments and memories.

Brent took the time to chat with SeligFilmNews about crafting this documentary (and his other documentary!).  In our discussion we talked about the origins of this project, the time and effort it took to find these talented singers, and the importance of this movement on our musical world.

Here is our interview with Streetlight Harmonies filmmaker Brent Wilson:



Brent’s work has allowed these singers and groups to be given the correct recognition of their place in the musical lexicon.  Enjoy the songs but get to know the story and people behind those harmonies to really understand the changing landscape of this American music.

Streetlight Harmonies is now out on digital, video-on-demand, DVD, and Blu-ray.

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