An Irishman, A Rowdy Guest and A Cute Couple are Stuck in a Storm.

The Guest doesn't actually come out in theaters until next month, but it certainly looks good.  Click through for reviews for Calvary, What If, Into The Storm, and an interview with Calvary's Writer/Director John Michael McDonagh.

I did go into the tornado fest of a film with anticipation of sharks or whales or something flying through the air but airplanes?  Eitherway this adrenaline ride is totally worth it.  Instead of wasting your money on TMNT invest in this doc-u-like super-twister tale. The sound design of the film really stands out as the sheer sound of powerful winds is quite unnerving.  Overall a hell of a fun summertime movie.  Jon Reep steals every scene he's in and even has the best Walking Dead reference when talking with Sarah Wayne Callies.  Also glad to see Arlen Escarpeta own his scenes.  Make sure you checkout Brotherhood if you haven't, Arlen is explosive in that DFW shot film!

The F Word, excuse my French, and I mean What IF is a real treat of a film.  The brutally sarcastic wit of Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan's characters is brilliantly fresh.  The film is even more impressive once you realize you'd watch an entire film with just the supporting duo of Adam Driver and Mackenzie Davis.  Overall one of the better written romantic comedies to come out in a while.  It's the anti-nicholassparks film and thus ten times more believable and honest. 

John Michael McDonagh is in the midst of a terrific trilogy of films all starring the dynamic Brendan Gleeson and a group of us had the chance to sit down with John.  Enjoy our chat…we sure as hell did!

*Thanks to fine folks at Movies and Shakers for suppling the video.

John's dark witty tone is amazingly amplified by the incredible landscape shots showcased throughout the film.  Easily one of the smarter plots amongst all these summertime films that lack real depth.  This story tackles religion, society, family dynamics, friendship, authority, and so much more.  It's a real pleasure to not only be shown the beauty of the country, but also the rich complexity of the people who inhabit it. Brendan Gleeson's run through the 5 steps of grief is a wonderful showcase of his tremendous range.  Brendan's interactions throughout the film all seem so rich and important to the structure.  John Michael McDonagh has a bold and intelligent voice that deserves your full attention. 

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