It Comes At Night – A Review By Gadi Elkon

Talented young filmmaker Trey Edward Shults dives into the world of suspense and paranoia with the powerful spine-tingler IT COMES AT NIGHT.  With A24 backing and Shults stellar cast led by Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, and Christopher Abbott this is the best film to see right now!  Click through for my full review of the film.

Trey's teams back up with his DP Drew Daniels and Music man Brian McOmber to create something truly haunting and spooky without ever needing to show us anything but the woods, a home and the people stuck there.  From the opening sequence of getting rid of poor "effected" grandpa the suspense only lifts for some short lived moments of happiness.  Overall the way in which Trey and his talented team keep us on our seats is impressive and blows away any of the sad Summer blockbusters (looking at you Michael Bay) that will destroy our quality 2017.  This film is easily the bridge to the quality coming in the fall. 

The other element that makes the film so scary is the ability of the audience to see into young lead, Kelvin Harrison Jr's, dreams.  His thoughts mirror the weird things our minds are creating as we journey more and more into this isolated area.  Hitchcock was the master at giving us characters that "thought" to much about things and how it damned them.  Edwards Shults has totally figured out how to do that but also keep it creepy and slightly gore filled with the blood element of the "IT".  The film lives in Harrison's character Travis' mind and it's his hopes and ultimately his fears that engulf the audience.  Don't miss out on another heartpounding A24 production from a young filmmaker that NEEDS to be on everyone's radar.  So skip the shitty blockbusters (Wonder Woman aside the rest of the major studios offerings are trash – THE MUMMY!!!) and give this indie gem your time and money, you won't be disappointed.  And one more teaser trailer to get you in the mood.

It Comes At Night is out now.  Don't miss it.

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