1. Skip Zoolander 2!!  With that out the way it's time to discuss the raucous fun of Valentine's Day 2016 in the film world.  The money machine that is Deadpool has burst open the Marvel comic Universe in an epic way.  How To Be Single is a sweet surprise of humor released on this most made up of holidays.  The films are worth your time and money and though the gender lines may sway the choice don't miss out on trying to see both.  Click through for my reviews of DEADPOOL & HOW TO BE SINGLE and also some special VDay fun.

It's official (!) DEADPOOL is the first bit hit film of 2016.  Ryan Reynolds and Marvel's ballsy approach to self-deprecation is pivotal to why this film works.  Guardians of the Galaxy easily opened the eyes of most film fans to the vast expanse of the comic book universe.  But DEADPOOL's edgy adult nature and slightly off-kilter sense of humor invoke a whole new world for Marvel to dive into.  We've seen the edgy nature in the films and now on Netflix with the shows, but DEADPOOL is wholly something different.  The comic's brashness and colorfulness are completely captured by the film.  The three elements I most loved about DEADPOOL were…

3.  CURSE WORDS!  It's so much fun to have an adult Marvel film and one that completely destroys all it's normal codes.  Everyone gets their ass ripped apart in this film.  It's comic gold throughout as Ryan Reynolds epic cocky nature is at an all-time high. 

2. TJ Miller – From Silicon Valley to Deadpool the world needs to know how funny this fucking guy is. 

1.  LOVE.  Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin have incredible chemistry and the film's love story holds strong throughout.  A surprise treat to this dirty crazy film.

HOW TO BE SINGLE's approach is an old one, but the chemistry of Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann is electric.  They fit so many stereotypes into this terrific trio that everyone can relate to some element of one of the ladies.  Johnson's failed relationship is the main cog in the plot and yet the constant jumping to the Allison Brie plot side is done really smoothly.  The editing pace is brisk without seeming rushed and allows for some profound even emotional points to resonate, but mainly it takes you on a wild ass roller coaster.  Rebel Wilson is force that carries this movie to a new height.  The film sadly does lag a bit with Brie's character's plot line, but the gentlemen she interacts with are all game, especially the brief appearance of Jason Mantzoukas.  The choice to go with a strong comedic male cast really enhances the entire punch of the script.  Damon Wayans Jr.'s story is a really intriguing one to see unfold.  The key to the film's enjoyment is seen through the eyes of cinematographer Christain Rein.  Director Christain Ditter and Rein have created a beautiful portrait of the Big Apple.  The shot choices and locations  highlight NYC's amazing cinematic landscape.  I kept being awed by the visual impact of the film's cinematography.  The best parts of the film are set amongst an amazing scene in front or behind the action.  Don't let Zoolander 2's marketing fool you, this is a much funnier film.  Even if DEADPOOL is easily the best choice this weekend, How To Be Single is worthy a watch or three.

And now for some VDay fun.  Since Deadpool is a film about LOVE and How to Be Single is a film about….Not Love?  Here are two fun Top 5 lists.  One are my favorite films about Love and the other is my favorite movies about being single.


5. Kramer Vs. Kramer – Divorce can be the toughest form of being single.  Hoffman owns this role.


4.  Now and Then – I realize I'm a 33 year old man, but I love this damn movie.  The female Stand By Me hits all the right notes.

3. Me and Earl and The Dying Girl – I still can't get over how good this film was from last year. 

2. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind – Charlie Kaufman rearranges the concept of love and shows all it's terrible pain.

1. Swingers – Vince Vaughn!








5.  Au Revoir Taipei – A very personal choice.  This film makes me smile every time.

4.  Ten Things I Hate About You – Who doesn't miss Heath Ledger?

3.  Let The Right One In – Spooky young (OLD!) love.

2.  Garden State – Amazing film and one of the greatest soundtracks of all time.

1.  Princess Bride –  As You Wish!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day.



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