Locke – Interview with Writer/Director Steven Knight

Writer/Director Steven Knight brings to life the intrigue of the plain ordinary world in his latest film.  The sage writer has masterfully showcased the seedier underbelly of his native Birmingham and the surrounding British area for over a decade.  His previous films and latest tv show completely engulf the second largest UK city outside of mighty London.  Locke is a film that highlights an oridnary foreman who, stuck at a light, must choose which path to go.  Ivan Locke, played marvelously by Tom Hardy, chooses the road less traveled by most men.  A refreshingly intellighent and moving piece of film work worth your full attention.  SKIP SPIDERMAN 2 and click on through.

In a whirlwind of just a few months Steven Knight met, befriended, and started working with Tom Hardy on this small film. Steven was awesome enough to come to Dallas and talk about his film.

Locke is a must see film and should garner some much deserved awards in it's future.  The film is currently playing at two local theaters.

Magnolia Theater and Angelika Plano.

Keep a close eye on A24 Films.  Last year was an explosive year with bold hits like Spring Breakers and Spectacular Now.  2014 might blow the NYC based outfit into a whole new plateau.  Not only the tour de force that is Locke, but David Michod's haunting looking Rover.

Under the Skin and Enemy already have people's mind on edge and there are still gems like Obvious Child (a fellow DIFF 2014 film like LOCKE!) still to be released.


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