Mid-May Must-See Movie Releases

For this installment of must-see movies I'll be tackling the merits of a blockbuster, a Weinstein indie, and two unique docs.  Also I'll give you my 3 May releases to keep an eye on. 


Captain America was released earlier in April, but it continues to rack up dough in theaters and so is still a May film. Chris Evans perfectly masks his super-star looks with a quirky and witty demeanor. The fish-out-of-water story of our country's most beloved hero allows for a higher moral ground in the CA films. He's not as dashing as Iron Man, destructive as Hulk and certainly not as powerful as Thor, but overall Cap is still the most symbolic of the Marvel Super-Heroes. Add in the always dynamic Anthony Mackie as Falcon and the great morphing performances by Scarlett (Black Widow) and Samuel (Nick Fury) and you have a winning recipe.  And finally there is Robert Redford who's presence adds even more legitmacy to this series and bodes well for CA 3!

Award-winning filmmaker James Moll latest project allowed him to travel our beautiful country and find the most unique young farmers in the states!  Farmland is about a passionate group of young ranchers and farmers who look to be the last hope of one of our oldest American professions.  James and his small team have captured the reality behind such a broad issue of food in America.  The young farmers are open and honest about their day-to-day lives.  This film isn't just for middle-america and the south though, it's reach trickles to all corners of the states.  We're all impacted by the surpluses, shortages and actions of the farm community here and abroad.  Moll's documentary continues to showcase his ability to highlight intimate subjects across the world.  He's tackled the heat and distance of the Sahara, he's helped capture the voice of a millions of Holocaust survivors, and now he has introduced us all to the heartland's future leaders.  For us North Texans I highly recommend venturing up north to Wylie's B&B Theatre, the film is worth your time.

The Hornet's Nest is a bold look at the reality of Afghanistan's most hostile areas.  The emotions and connections made through the film create a nostalgic web that tries desperately to hold onto life.  I was amazed at the up-close nature and the interactions of Afghanis and troops.  A fasinating film that has the honor of making Dallas one of the select early-release markets.  Docs are always the most connected films to our world's reality, and never has a film tackled war so up-close and in it's face like this film.  Stay tuned for our Red Carpet interviews with talent in and behind the scenes of this powerful documentary!


This film is a heart-wrenching look at the ways war can linger much longer than the actual fighting.  Lives can be completely changed and destroyed by the horrors of war.  The Railway Man not only captures the darkness of war but also delivers a powerful love story that comes across serendipitously sweet.  The performances are flawlessly done, especially Colin Fifth who holds nothing back as the hurting Eric.  His love at first 'chat' with Nicole Kidman's Patti doesn't engulf the film and seems always at odds with the mystery of Eric's war secrets.  Hiroyuki Sanada and Colin Firth's heart-breaking interrogation completely tears open the old wounds and allows for a poignant moment of connection.  The two actors both should get praise for their constant unwavering ability to keep on fighting, even if that means to stop fighting.  The horrors of what happened make the resolution so much more meaningful and honest.  War is never the end and these two men have a chance at ultimate redemption.  To see the reality of how these two men would become vast friends is such an amazing relief.  Humanity can be stronger than any deadly weapon and the adage of 'Time heals all wounds' has never been better captured in a film.  Easily one of my top films of 2014! 

3 movies I can't wait to see.

Can't go wrong with the quirky Director Richard Ayoade!

Jim Mickle is a young director to keep an eye on.  Love that he's brought to the screen Texan Novelist Joe R. Lansdale!

This last film I actually have seen and just want you to mark it down as a MUST-SEE.  Make sure you bring tissues though!!

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