SITE 13 – Interview with Co-Writer Director and Lead Actor Nathan Faudree

Writer/Director/Actor Nathan Faudree talked with our Gadi Elkon about SITE 13, the long history behind the film and so much more!

When Dr. Nathan Marsh wakes up in a mental institution from a 10 year catatonic state, he has to watch the tapes from his last expedition to learn what eldritch horrors he has unleashed on the world. Using found footage shot in 2003 as flashback material for a present day story, SITE 13 crafts two films from two time periods into one movie that explores myth, legacy and madness over the course of move than a decade.

Nathan and Gadi talked about working with retired Writer/Director and Author Tony Urban, the decades in the making of SITE 13, Nathan’s role as KOTTENTAIL and so much more!

Here is our Interview with Writer/Director/Actor Nathan Faudree:

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