MOJAVE – A Review By Gadi Elkon

Writer/Director William Monahan's thrilling cat and mouse chase film, Mojave, is out in select theaters today.  Click through for my full review of the Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund starring film.





From the first meeting of the two men fully showcases the quick wit and intelligence of writer William Monahan.  Constantly the performances in the film highlight just how good and impactful a writer Monahan truly is.  Sensational character actor Walter Goggins literally steals every scene he's in because of that charming witty prose as well as his monotone demeanor, a real nice touch from the talented actor.  Mojave's script and acting are its best qualities as you really do enjoy the snaking pace that seems to always have the perfect amount of tension in each scene.  Mark Wahlberg's character is a particularly fun spoofy figure that really pokes fun at the wealth of certain Hollywood types.  Monahan has a ton of tongue in cheek moments in the film and that sense of under layered humor really helps make the script not to dark.

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The film isn't as fluid as let's say The Revenant and it's cat-and-mouse chase sequences.  But the cinematography by Don Davis spends more time trying to showcase the epic feel of the Mojave.  The film does a great job of revealing the landscape in unique shot choices.  Once back in Los Angeles the pacing, shot selection and overall feel quickly change.  The fast pace nature kicks in and gives the film a nice closing speed where you fully understand that these two men are about to have a final clash.

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A24's Mojave is a solid script brought to life by a talented group of actors while still having a gloomy noir feel with it's cinematography.  The film opens locally in DFW at the AMC Mesquite also in select theaters across the country.  The film is also on demand through DirectTV.  For more information about William Monahan's gripping desert set thriller please go, here.

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