Movies at Midyear – 10 Favorites So Far & 9 Must See Fall Releases

2019 has been filled with Marvel magic, marvelous miracles in simple stories and movies that matter.  Like most lists this one is all just my opinion so take it as you like.  Here are my 10 favorites films so far in 2019 and 9 films I’m excited to see for the rest of this year.

I’ll start with one Honorable Mention.   This film isn’t one that many would have seen but it showcases a veteran actress give one of the most profound compelling scenes in film this year.

Honorable Mention – THE LAST – Written & Directed By Jeff Lipsky.


10.  LATE NIGHT – Written By Mindy Kaling & Directed By Nisha Ganatra.  Kaling’s witty polish is a perfect compliment to the stoic performance from Emma Thompson in this feel good comedy.

9.  YESTERDAY –  Written By Richard Curtis & Directed By Danny Boyle.  Boyle’s bold choices maximize Curtis’ cutesy and lovable script.  Can’t hurt to have the Beatles music carry the action and Himesh/Lily are just so darn adorable.

8.  FAMILY – Written & Directed By Laura Steinal.  Brutally honest take on the worst fears of trying to connect with the younger generation, especially when they are your niece.

7.  HOTEL MUMBAI – Written By Anthony Maras and John Collee (Based on Real Life Events) Directed By Anthony Maras.  A faithful reenactment whose slight changes make for one of the year’s more powerful films.

6.  CAPTAIN MARVEL – Written & Directed by Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck.  Marvel’s most relatable hero shines brightest as a new era will come forth led by this strong woman.

5.  APOLLO 11 – Directed by Todd Douglas Miller.  A documentary that showcases the subtle suspense of an extraordinary event that forever changed our concept of life and our place in this universe.

4.  THE MUSTANG – Written & Directed By Laure de Clermont Tonnerre.  One of the year’s best performances is captured perfectly in this well paced and shot film.

3.  US – Written & Directed By Jordan Peele.  The new master of suspense horror taps into the twisty nature of who we are in our society and the naïve nature that may hide the realities of that society.  And just plain SPOOKY.

2.  BOOKSMART – Written By Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel, & Katie Silberman and Directed By Olivia Wilde.  A refreshing take on the teen genre told from the POV of young ladies tackling a bold journey of discover.

1. THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO – Written By Joe Talbot, Jimmie Fails, & Rob Richert and Directed By Joe Talbot.  A unique tale of two friends whose worlds are forever impacted by the cruel and harsh reality of the racial, socio-economic and generational gaps that still plague our American way of life.  The closest thing to original I’ve seen so far this year.


9 Must See Upcoming 2019 Films.

Honorable Mention – WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE?  Written By Holly Gent & Richard Linklater from the Novel By Maria Semple.  Directed By Richard Linklater.  As a proud Texan I will always give a nod to Linklater’s upcoming films.

9. THE GOLDFINCH – Written By Peter Straughan from Book By Donna Tartt & Directed By John Crowley.  Story is heartbreaking and so intriguing.

8. ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP – Written By Dave Callaham, Rhett Reese, & Paul Wernick and Directed By Ruben Fleisher.  The first one rejuvenated the zombie film genre and so lets get back to the carnage.

7.  THE GOOD LIAR – Written By Jeffrey Hatcher from Novel By Nicholas Searle & Directed By Bill Condon.  Condon, Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.

6.  QUEEN & SLIM – Written By Lena Waithe & James Fray and Directed By Melina Matsoukas.  Bonnie & Clyde for the 21st century!

5.  KNIVES OUT – Written & Directed By Rian Johnson.  Rian returns to the wonderful mystery world of his mind!

4.  ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD –  Written & Directed By Quentin Tarantino.  The man said 10 films and he’s done.  He’s at #9, we can’t afford to miss any of these movies from QT.

3.  DOCTOR SLEEP – Written By Stephen King & Directed By Mike Flanagan.  About damn time someone had the balls to tackle this one.

2.  FORD V FERRARI – Written By & Directed By James Mangold.  One of the great racing tales gets an A List cast from a director who understands how to make something kickass that tugs at your heartstrings.

1. JOKER – Written & Directed By Todd Phillips.  Just look below!!


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