NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage – Interview with Director Jeremy Whelehan

Shakespeare opened his play Richard III with the famous "now is the winter of our discontent" soliloquy and introduced the world to one of it's great villains.  A man that was unafraid to bare his evil thoughts to all audiences that would lend an ear. 

"since I cannot prove a lover,
To entertain these fair well-spoken days,–
I am determined to prove a villain,
And hate the idle pleasures of these days."

Kevin Spacey, Sam Mendes, and a cast of talented actors travelled the globe showcasing this dynamic tragedy in the world's first trans-Atlantic production of Richard III.  A film crew came along and captured all the brilliance or as Richard would say.

“Shine out fair sun, till I have bought a glass,
That I may see my shadow as I pass.”  

Click through and join in on seeing all the shadows of this film with Director Jeremy Whelehan.

Jeremy and I started our chat by talking about when he first met Kevin Spacey.

He explained how he started to work with Kevin Spacey in 2004.


Kevin Spacey long photo

We started talking about the film by discussing how Jeremy was able to get comfortable with everyone.

The sure distance travelled for this production is quite amazing to fathom and so I asked Jeremy about traveling along with the team.

I had to ask about gettting to know Director Sam Mendes.


Having a mixed American and British cast allowed for unique cultural exchanges.  Some of my favorite moments are the Brits remembering their times in America on older tours.

We talked about the different locations of the production.  Including Qatar.


Kevin in Military uniform

Jeremy talked more about the Qatar experience.

I asked about working with his DPs on the film and about shooting himself.


NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage is now available on Netflix.

Jeremy did have a great insight into the work that Kevin Spacey is currently doing on House of Cards and the Richard III production.

Also, Kevin Spacey can be found on the upcoming Season 3 of House of Cards which is on netflix later this month!!

Jeremy and I talked about what he is currently working on and in particular why he was in Mexico during my chat with him.

I got a bit more out of him!

And finally I asked a fun question to end our chat.

Interview with Jeremy Whelehan.

Jeremy Whelehan

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