PERSON WOMAN MAN CAMERA TV – Interview with Actors Estelle Bajou and James Ward

PERSON WOMAN MAN CAMERA TV’s lead actors Estelle Bajou and James Ward talked with our Gadi Elkon.

Person Woman Man Camera TV is a tragicomedy about romance, race, and remembering, cutting between the first day and last night of an interracial couple’s 7-year relationship. Samuel, a black man who has just lost his father to Alzheimer’s, meets Samantha, a white woman whom he hires to help him clean his parents’ home. As they sort through the physical and emotional detritus of loss, they begin to form a bond. Scenes from the day of their first meeting in 2013 are interspersed with the night in 2020, when their marriage disintegrates. As they sift through lifetimes of things, they reveal themselves, their desires, and their differing relationships to the notion of “freedom.”

James and Estelle talked with Gadi about filming during COVID, the isolated setting, building these characters together and so much more!

Here is our interview with Lead Actors Estelle Bajou and James Ward:

The film is having a screening this Friday August 26th at Cinequest for more info, PWMCTV.

For more information on this feature, PERSON WOMAN MAN CAMERA TV.

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