SLAMDANCE 23′ – MADCATS – Interview with Writer/Director Reiki Tsuno

Today is the opening of Slamdance Film Festival 2023.  The wild ride that is Writer/Director Reiki Tsuno’s MADCATS will have its World Premiere this Saturday the 21st at Slamdance Film Festival.  Reiki talked with out Gadi Elkon about Troma Entertainment, Slamdance 23′, Guns and Evil Giant Cats!

Taka, a shiftless young man, sets off on a quest to find his brother Mune. Teaming up with a quirky new friend and an edgy, mysterious young girl along the way, Taka finds himself taking on a pack of vicious monster cats determined to execute unscrupulous pet shop owners.

Writer/Director Reiki Tsuno easily will be one of the more talked about Slamdance 23′ films!  Reiki and Gadi talked about his early days interning for Troma Entertainment/Lloyd Kaufman, getting into Slamdance, and unleashing the World Premiere of Madcats THIS SATURDAY!

Here is our Interview with Writer/Director Reiki Tsuno:

MadCats has its World Premiere tomorrow at 9:45pm.

The full Slamdance Film Festival SCHEDULE.

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