STILL LIFE IN LODZ – Interview with Filmmaker Slawomir Grunberg

“One Painting, A Century of Jewish Life.” – STILL LIFE IN LODZ.

Here is our interview with Documentary Filmmaker Slawomir Grunberg.

The stirring mystery begins inside an ordinary-seeming tenement apartment where a painting has witnessed the most extraordinary of times. The painting is a serene still life. But it has clung to the wall through incredible personal and global turmoil— through both war and peace, through moments of joyous communion and shocking chaos, through everyday scenes of family love and the shattering terror of hate, displacement, the Holocaust and totalitarian rule.

Once, this painting was the constant companion to Lilka Elbaum, who grew up in Lodz and lived there until 1968, when at the age of 19, an antisemitic purge drove her and her entire family out of Poland. The portrait might have been a simple likeness of lush flowers and ripe fruit, but for Lilka, it had been an indelible connection to her childhood and to Lodz itself.    STILL LIFE IN LODZ

Documentary Filmmaker Slawomir Grunberg chatted with Selig Film News about his unique journey, his documentary work, STILL LIFE IN LODZ, and so much more!

Here is our Interview with Slawomir Grunberg.

Still Life in Lodz Interview.mp4 from Gadi Elkon on Vimeo.

The film is out now in select theaters and for more information please go to STILL IN LODZ.

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