SURPRISED BY OXFORD – Interview with Author Dr. Carolyn Weber

Author Dr. Carolyn Weber’s memoir is the basis for SURPRISED BY OXFORD.  Dr. Weber talked with our Gadi Elkon about her education, her faith, the film and so much more.

Based on the award-winning memoir, Surprised by Oxford is the incredible true story of Caro Drake, a young, headstrong American who lands a coveted scholarship to the University of Oxford for her postgraduate studies. Burdened with trust issues and intellectually hostile towards the abstract, Caro begins her time in Oxford with the singular goal of attaining her PhD. But through a tempestuous friendship with a charming young man and the wise counsel of the college’s first female provost, Caro begins to open herself up to mystery, vulnerability, and the possibility of love.

Dr. Weber and Gadi discussed her extensive education, her going to Oxford, her finding her faith and so much more.

Here is our interview with Author Dr. Carolyn Weber:

The film is having a limited run theatrical event happening this Wednesday September 27th and Sunday October 1st.

For more info on SURPRISED BY OXFORD.

Also we previously interviewed the Director Ryan Whitaker and the star of the film Rose Reid, HERE.



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