Texas Theater Announces “JFK Day” on 11/22/2011



Texas Theatre plans exact 11/22/63 programming along with special guest, John Slate (‘Slacker’ JFK star)


DALLAS, TX (Nov 1, 2011) — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: To memorialize the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, the Texas Theatre announces plans to recreate that day’s exact minute-to-minute programming at the historic Theatre where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. The day’s events begin with doors opening at 12:45pm (just as they did in 1963), showing an abbreviated and silent 8mm print of “WAR IS HELL” on loop with a recently composed original soundtrack by Denton band History at Our Disposal (Jason Reimer) at 1:20pm and a 2:45pm screening of “CRY OF BATTLE” starring Van Heflin. Those films will continuously loop until 7pm and ticket prices for these films will be $1 to commemorate prices of 1963.


At approximately 7:30pm John Slate, – made famous as the JFK Conspiracy theorist in Richard Linklater’s 1991 indie cult classic “SLACKER”- will introduce the movie “RUSH TO JUDGMENT” on 16mm, a documentary film that explores various conspiracy theories tied to the fateful day. Based on Mark Lane’s 1966 book of the same name, the documentary challenges the Warren Commission findings and has never-before-seen interviews with  assassination witnesses including Abraham Zapruder, James Tague, Charles Brehm, Mary Moorman, Jean Hill, Lee Bowers, Sam Holland, James Simmons, Richard Dodd, and Jessie Price.

“RUSH TO JUDGEMENT is not just another JFK documentary.” said John Slate. “Besides being the first organized attack on the Warren Report, it features a cadre of fascinating Dallas-area witnesses describing their observations of November 22nd, in their own words and speech patterns. Forget Mad Men – come see what early 60s Dallas was really like!”

For folks who wish to stay late, we’ll explore the B-sides of 11/22/63 with a film called “NAUGHTY DALLAS” in the vein of our weekly Tuesday Night Trash b-movie screenings. NAUGHTY DALLAS (1964) is Larry Buchanan's footage of Commerce Street's strip joints sandwiched in the fictional story of a young woman who finds fame and fortune in Dallas' famed Colony Club. Buchanan (1923 – 2004) was the Ed Wood of Dallas, known for such amazingly bad films as ZONTAR THE THING FROM VENUS and MARS NEEDS WOMEN. NAUGHTY DALLAS is great for all the footage of Dallas, including the interior of the Colony — and its owner Abe Weinstein. Shot between 1959 and 1964, it features Jack Ruby's Carousel Club only briefly, but does sport several of Jack's most popular strippers such as "Jada" and Kim Athas.


Texas Theatre Creative Director, Jason Reimer, was excited to track down both Slate and the hard-to-find “Naughty Dallas.”


“I thought finding John Slate and the 16mm print of “Rush to Judgment” were essential to make this year’s show special.” said Reimer. “Once those things fell into place, we had a perfect blend of history and the right person to steer the ship”.



11/22/2011 lineup:


Doors: 12:45pm


“War is Hell”: 1:20pm


“Cry of Battle”: 2:45pm

(Films will loop until 7pm)


“Rush to Judgment”: 7:30pm

“Private VIP Member Directors cut Laser Disc screening of JFK” in upstairs lounge: 9:00pm (Free)


“Naughty Dallas”: 10:00pm







Background on the Texas Theatre / Aviation Cinemas, Inc and Special Guest John Slate


On August 31st, 2010, Aviation Cinemas, Inc., a company formed by filmmaker and film industry consultant Barak Epstein took over the lease of the Texas Theatre. Epstein enlisted the help of filmmakers Adam Donaghey, Jason Reimer, and Eric Steele to begin new cinema and event venue operations at the Texas Theatre. The Texas Theatre is operated by Aviation Cinemas, Inc. and is open seven days a week, currently booking independent films, concerts, theater programs, parties, and events. In November, 2011, Aviation Cinemas, Inc. announced the Inaugural Oak Cliff Film Festival, which will take place annually in Oak Cliff June 14-17th.

“Best Movie Theater in Dallas – The Texas Theatre”Dallas Observer, 2011

“Best Film Advocates – Aviation Cinemas Inc”Dallas Observer, 2011


John Slate, host for this evening's offerings, will introduce each film with interesting stories and unusual production facts. He is known to audiences for his bit role as a conspiracy theorist in the 1990 cult independent film SLACKER. In real life he is a certified archivist responsible for the Dallas Municipal Archives, and has a BS in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin. Slate is a scholar of Texas-based filmmaking and has written numerous articles on film and the film industry.




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Adam Donaghey

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