The Beulaville Baptist Book Club Presents: A Bur-less-Q Nutcracker!

The Beulaville Baptist Book Club Presents: A Bur-less-Q Nutcracker!

Mark-Brian Sonna Productions


John Strange


    Imagine if you will a small town full of colorful folks.  Folks who faithfully attend the town’s weekly book club meetings to widen their horizons.  Now imaging this group realizing that they are, well, broke.  No, not broke, worse, they are deep in debt.

    To get back on their feet they decide to have a fund raising event.  They decide upon doing The Nutcracker, hiring a local dance troupe to put it on.  However on the day of the performance, Madge (known for her inedible food) feeds Piña Colada Casserole to the troupe leaving them too ill to perform.  In their hour of need another dance company arrives in town.  This company is on their way to Houston where they have a performance scheduled for that night. In need of repairs to their van the girls are convinced to put on the Nutcracker that night.

    Now these girls have never done this play.  Their standard fare is much more risqué and bawdy (but classy).  These young ladies are burlesque dancers, something the good Baptist folks of this town know nothing about.  But they are about to learn!

    This play is performed in good fun and is full of double-entendre and sexy dance numbers.  The cast members, especially Mark in his role as Dickey, speak to the crowd and ask for tips a couple times.

    I had a good time and a good laugh.  I recommend this play for those of you looking for something different.  The Stone Cottage Theater in Addison is an intimate setting with the audience on the same level as the cast.



Starring: Mark-Brian Sonna, Kristen James, Linda Much, Michelle L. Mays, Susan Davis, & The Velvet Kittens: (Jaye-Jenny Smith, Kristene Littlefield, Jennifer Goodman,   Rose Marie Rupley, Maria Perez Hernandez, and Lauren Marks)


Directed by: Charles Ballinger


Choreography by: Mark-Brian Sonna and Jana Edele


Show Dates and Times:

    November 24th – December 27th

        Thurs-Sat: 8pm


            Sat: 2pm



   Thurs-Fri Evenings and Sat Matinees: $18.00

   Sat Evenings: $22.00



   Stone Cottage Theatre at the Addison Conference and Theatre Center, 15650 Addison Road, Addison, TX, 75001



Appropriateness Rating: “R. This show is intended for mature audiences mainly due to language, and some bump and grind dancing…This is Burlesque dancing, not stripping! No one drops their clothes, but a few “F-bombs” are dropped to great comic effect. And yes, we do allow you to tip the dancers…but no touching!”



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