THE FIRST STEP – Interview with Filmmakers Brandon and Lance Kramer

Filmmaker brothers Brandon and Lance Kramer have spent the last few years creating the important documentary, THE FIRST STEP.  Our Gadi Elkon got to chat once more with the Kramers about the journey, the struggle and the upcoming release of this award-winning documentary!

In a divided America, progressive activist and political commentator Van Jones controversially works across party lines on landmark criminal justice reform and a more humane response to the addiction crisis. Attempting to be a bridge builder in a time of extreme polarization takes Van and a coalition of unlikely allies deep into the inner workings of a divisive administration, internal debates within both parties, and the lives of frontline activists fighting for their communities.

Over the last three years our Selig Team has gotten to meet and know the Kramer brothers.  We’ve witnessed their film’s ability to educate, enlighten and motivate audiences across the country.  Brandon and Lance were kind enough to sit down with our Gadi Elkon for another wonderful chat.

Here are Brandon and Lance Kramer the Filmmakers behind THE FIRST STEP:

After premiering THE FIRST STEP at the Tribeca Film Festival and an official selection in 40+ festivals internationally and across 30+ states in the US, the film will soon be released theatrically nationwide starting NEXT WEEK, The DC release will happen at the new  DC JCC JxJ Music & Film Theater for their first week-long run since reopening after COVID. The film will also open in NY and LA before releasing to 20+ cities nationwide, all programmed with organizational partners working on local & federal bipartisan criminal justice reform.

To find out more please go to, THE FIRST STEP.

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