THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD – A Review by Gadi Elkon

Fathom Events and Warner Bros. Pictures have partnered to bring Academy Award® winner Peter Jackson’s poignant WWI documentary They Shall Not Grow Old to cinemas, presented in 2D and RealD™ 3D.

Here is my review of the event.

The acclaimed documentary is an extraordinary look at the soldiers and events of the Great War, using film footage captured at the time, now presented in a way the world has never seen. By utilizing state-of-the-art restoration, colorization and 3D technologies, and pulling from 600 hours of BBC archival interviews, Jackson puts forth an intensely gripping, immersive and authentic experience through the eyes and voices of the British soldiers who lived it.

They Shall Not Grow Old is not only a tremendous restoration and colorization, but the work on the sound design is groundbreaking.  The BBC and British Imperial War Museums asked Peter Jackson to accomplish this state-of-the-art experience took a little over 5 years.  Jackson’s WingNut Films took the over 600 hours and have done something profound.

“To me, the colorizing is the icing on the cake,” Jackson said. “But the transformation happens when you take away all that damage and get [the soldiers] moving at a normal human speed. They become real people again.”  From The Atlantic Article.

The overall experience is something that hasn’t been witnessed in World War I footage of any kind.  You will find yourself amazed and quickly horrified by the world these men lived and died in during the Great War.

For more info – They Shall Not Grow Old

Screening is December 27th only!!


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