2014 has been a whirlwind experience as SeligFilmNews has continued to expand to new festivals and hold strong at familiar festivals.  Click through for my favorite 14 interviews of the past year.

Top Interviews of 2014:

14. The One I Love Interview – Star Mark Duplass and Director Charlie McDowell.

Always fun to chat with Mark and especially when he talks about running.  But I didn't know he'd treat me with his Tom Cruise film idea!!!  Charlie's directorial debut is quality and keep your eye on him!!

13.  DIFF 2014 – Emma Fuhrmann

To get to know a future lead actress is always a blast.  Emma already has worked with some huge names like Sandler, Freeman, and Reiner.  Overall she's got a good head on her shoulders and parents who care about her happiness.  Plus we got to talk about South Africa which is always a pleasure for me.

12. North Texas Universities Film Festival – Lizette Barrerra.

Once again it's fun to chat with up and comers and Lizette is a legit talent to keep in the back of your mind.  She's heading to UT and it was really nice to chat about what's up next for her.

11. LOCKE – Director Steven Knight.

Quality film made by a really intelligent director who is laid back and down to earth.  Overall just a really fun chat with someone who is passionate about making his little "Birmingham" films. 

10. DIFF 2014 – Clark Gregg & Saxon Sharbino.

Clark is a really nice and open interviewee.  Getting to showcase a Dallasite in Saxon and also getting a few fun responses from Clark. 

9. Stars & Stripes Film Festival – Barry Tubb.

A real Texas legend who was awesome enough to jump around his extensive career in this short interview.  Overall having a good time with a real gentleman.

8.  Austin Film Festival – SKIN DEEP.

I was battling through losing my voice and yet these lovely folks from down under.  A powerful film made by passionate people and a total blast to chat with them about the movie.

7. Austin Film Festival – Bruce Greenwood & Ella Purnell.

Bruce and Ella were total blast to chat with as they were totally game to talk about whatever.  Besides it's not everyday Bruce Greenwood gives you a wet willy!!

6. Interview with Director Robert May – KIDS FOR CA$H.

My phone interview with Robert was extremely fulfilling as I met someone who truly could describe the emotion felt in the film.  Robert also has worked with 3 of my all-time favorite filmmakers (Steve James, Errol Morris and Tom McCarthy).  Sadly this amazing film wasn't included in the Oscar short list for Documentary, but it easily is one of my favorite films of the year!

5. DIFF 2014 – Margo Martindale.

Short and sweet interview with a real Texan legend.  Basically she is such a amazingly nice lady and I got a hug from evil Mags!!

4. Austin Film Festival – Stephen Falk.

Easily one of my favorite writers around.  My goal for AFF 2014 was to make sure I got a one-on-one with Stephen and thus here it is in my top five favorites.

3. USA Film Festival – John Turturro.

Talking basketball with the great John Turturro, I can mark that off my bucket list!  He gave me a lot of time and even allowed me to bring up his Yale Drama days which was really special.

2. Dallas VideoFest – Keith Alcorn.

I can honestly say I consider Keith a friend now and it all started with this lovely chat.  

1.  Art of Film – Marisa Tomei.

I must admit I was pretty scared to talk with Marisa, I heard she was a tough interview.  Instead I got to be apart of such a fluid and fun interview that showcases all the wonderful qualities that make Marisa Tomei so dynamic of a person.  Plus, we got to talk about dancing with Sam Rockwall!

And lastly a special mention to a portion of an interview we did with Sound Design master Ron Judkins.  It was a very special chance to meet Ron and he was kind enough to give us a lot of time to chat.  Here is our discussion on Schindler's List.

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