WHO KILLED THE KLF? Interview with Filmmaker Chris Atkins

Filmmaker and Author Chris Atkins world premiered his latest documentary this past Saturday at Austin’s wild and wacky Fantastic Fest 2021.  The festival, presented by Alamo Drafthouse, was a most fitting launching point for Chris’ deep dive into the mysterious tandem that made up The KLF.  He talked with our Gadi Elkon about everything KLF, his own wild story, and much more!

The Film’s Synopsis:
From their punk rock origins in 1970’s Liverpool, the dynamic duo of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty shot to the top of the pop charts as one of electronic dance music’s progenitors, The KLF. Less a music group than an artistic collaboration that used music to spread chaos, their success was massive with hits like “3AM Eternal” selling millions of copies, but it was all a big accident — one they neither foresaw nor desired. Then, just as they were at the pinnacle of their success, they disappeared and took the music with them. Not only did The KLF come to an end, they deleted all of their music from catalogs, making it impossible to produce CDs or license for streaming, forgoing millions of dollars in revenue in the process. Those of us who were around at the time could never forget their audacious presentations, and those who weren’t there have only the stories and memories of their elders.
Director Chris Atkins worked with Drummond and Cauty to tell their story, and it’s crazier and more chaotic than anyone could’ve possibly understood at the time. Science-fiction, new age religion, abstract art, ABBA, Doctor Who, Tammy Wynette, and some big-ass beats come together to finally answer the question, WHO KILLED THE KLF?
Interview with Filmmaker Chris Atkins:

If you know you know.  If you don’t find the film.  Find the music.  Find yourself.

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