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Many folks have thought that Ant-Man might be the first Marvel Entertainment movie to not live up to the hype of the previous films.  So is Ant-Man big enough to be apart of the Marvel Universe?  Click through for my review.

As the DC world is becoming darker and crossing the line from what makes a hero, the Marvel world is becoming more humorous and funny.  Ant-Man amps up the jokes and allows for the audience to enjoy the ride rather then be scared into a new environment.  Overall this sense of humor reality works well and Ant-Man honestly impressed me with how much I enjoyed it.  The character got a lot of rumblings when it was first revealed, even with Writer/Director Edgar Wright attached.  When Wright left the project or however "that" all happened, a lot of folks (me included) felt doom and gloom for the franchise's Avengers II follow-up.  Joss Whedon's battle royale was actually a bit more of a let down and ironically Ant-Man seems to really hit the nail on the head.  Director Peyton Reed does a great job with this movie.  The humor of Wright is perfectly molded with writers Adam McKay and Joe Cornish to create a wonderful dynamic, especially between Rudd and Douglas.

The special effects are quite amazing and the issue of the depth of showcasing such a tiny hero was not a problem at all.  The more the film went on the more I enjoyed the technological choices made.  Now the science of Ant-Man may be suspect in real life, but in the Marvel Universe it fits in perfectly.  Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) is intelligent, cocky and holds all the secrets.  The special effects and CGI for the ants are done really well.  Their actually believable looking and the constant small to large jumps that we see are seamlessly done.  This featurette really helps showcase the fluid nature of tiny Ant-Man in a big world.

Now there are some issues with the film.  Is Paul Rudd believable as a prison inmate?  Do any of the actors phone their roles in?  Is the villain not "big" enough for the Marvel world? Well Paul Rudd isn't believable, but honestly that section is short enough you move on quickly.  The actors certainly do bring their a-game.  I really liked Michael Pena's quirky role and Michael Douglas honestly steals every scene he is in.  The villain is a bit weak, but this movie is more about the technology and science of Ant-Man and building this hero up from nothing.  Overall the yellow jacket serves his purpose you realize as Corey Stoll is quite one dimensional, but the quality actor gives it enough power to make him seem capable of defeating our hero Scott Lang (Paul Rudd).  The Yellow Jacket is just a small blip on a bigger idea.  We came to see Ant-Man and possible see if there is a Wasp in our future?  With that said, sit back and enjoy the funny style of Michael Pena and T.I. who easily steal the majority of scenes they are in.

Guardians of The Galaxy allowed the Marvel world to jump out of its Avengers only phase and introduce humorous real characters that really can touch an audiences emotions.  Granted Ant-Man isn't Guardians level of entertainment (what is?), but it showcases that Marvel can continue to keep it's sense of humor.  The Stan Lee appearances in all the films are a major sign that the Marvel world isn't trying to make it's famous comic-book subjects dangerous and hip.  Rather it allows the evil villains to do the heavy lifting like' Ultron, Loki and the much anticipated Thanos.  Now if you want gritty and dark go to Netflix and enjoy the hell out of Daredevil and all the quality from the Defenders folks.  Who isn't excited for Punisher in Daredevil's second season?  Marvel has it's darker more serious material.  Ant-Man is suppose to be lighthearted and quirky.  And Peyton Reed fully accomplishes that level of humor.  Now the flip side, DC universe has continued to go after the more adult and dark material.  And sadly hasn't really delivered since Heath Ledger was the Joker.  That may all change next year with Ben's Batty and that group of evil bad folks the Suicide Squad.  But honestly Marvel still has my heart and mind.  I enjoy the quirky nature of the characters and really enjoy laughing my ass off during a crazy CGI IMAX experience.  Ant-Man isn't reinventing the wheel but it surely is more impressive than I assumed.  The witty banter and the constant tongue-in-cheek nature fits perfectly with the likes of Iron-Man fighting with Captain America or the entire Guardians group always hating on each other.  Overall this is a really enjoyable summer time film.  It won't break the box office, but it is worth your time.  In the end you'll want more Michael Pena!

For more information including fun videos, games and just cool stuff about Ant-Man go, here.

A few more shout outs.  Bobby Canavale is always quality and actually fits in nicely as the cop step-dad and husband to Scott Lang's ex Judy Greer and the movie's smallest scene-stealer, Abby Ryder Fortson as the adorable daughter Cassie. 

Otherwise you know go basically to any theater and watch it.  You'll love seeing it and hey the greatness of Anthony Mackie!


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