In Search of Israeli Cuisine – Interview with Director Roger Sherman

The land of Israel is a place of much turmoil that has always been a hotbed for religion, politics and the battle for peace.  But award winning documentary filmmaker Roger Sherman and award winning chef Michael Solomonov have now shown us a new vibrant side of the Holy Land.  In Search of Israeli Cuisine is the new documentary that looks at the incredible culinary movement in Israel over the last few decades.  Roger took the time to chat with myself about the film and much more.  Click through for our interview with award winning doc filmmaker Roger Sherman.

When I was young I learned what SABRA meant.  In the sense that I learned what the it translated as, but I've always been curious why that word.  As a native born Israeli I've always loved learning more and more about my homeland.  So when I got sent this documentary about the food cuisine in my home country I thought what the heck are they going to show me?  I never realized the emotionally happy journey I'd go along.  I tapped into the connection I'd felt in eating food from "home", but never really understood the full connection.  I didn't get why my mom made Tilapia fish so often and with a particular sauce, or why my dad made his hummus with certain ingredients.  And my folks are not Sabras.  They came to Israel as young South Africans and yet when you sit down to eat with my family you feel the impact of the holy country on our family.  Just as you can feel that impact with anyone connected to the holy land whether you're Jewish, Muslim, Christian or whatever.  The food and it's qualities seem special.  Roger and Michael have created a documentary that does more than show you the amazing culinary revolution in Israel over the last 30 years, they've given us a powerful look at the impact of that revolution.  In Search of Israeli Cuisine looks at more than the country and it's different people, but dives into the history, the turmoil, the pain, and most importantly the constant hope.  You'll also learn the cool true meaning to why Israelis call themselves Sabras.

I urge you to see this documentary.  But don't just take my word for it.  The filmmaker shared with me why he was so moved by this whole experience of making a film about searching for Israeli Cuisine.

Interview with In Search of Israeli Cuisine Director Roger Sherman

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