Paul Taylor: Creative Domain – Interview with Director Kate Geis and Executive Producer Robert Aberlin

"Among the most acclaimed choreographers in American history, Paul Taylor has been reinventing the roles of music, movement and theme in dance for nearly 60 years. In that time he has offered only glimpses into his creative process. Creative Domain is a rare in-depth documentation of how he creates a single dance." 

From Paul Taylor: Creative Domain website.

Click through for my interview with Filmmaker Kate Geis and Executive Producer Robert Aberlin.


Interview with Filmmaker Kate Geis and Producer Robert Aberlin of documentary Paul Taylor: Creative Domain.

Kate Geis and Robert Aberlin

I started my conversation with Kate and Robert by asking about their connection to the art of dance.

Kate's connection to Paul is through her father, Robert's connection to the legendary figure is related to his Aberlin's background in banking.

The documentary is revolves around Paul's latest work and sticks to this time frame throughout the majority of the film.  The unique elements that are also in the story, are the lives of his dance troupe.  In particular the film highlights a romance that sprouts from two of Paul's dancers.  Robert talked about capturing that type of reality.

I asked Kate about working with Director of Photography Tom Hurwitz.

Paul Taylor DP - Tom Hurwitz and Kate

Tom has known Paul for a long time as well.

Kate further explained that the existence of Matthew Diamond's Academy award-nominated Dancemaker allowed this documentary to focus on Paul life right now. 

The documentary premiered at Lincoln Center, where Paul's dance team works, on Friday, September 11th.  The film has done so well it's expanded into next week along with it's expansion to other cities.  I talked to Kate and Robert just prior to that Friday premiere and asked about the excitement of the doc's screening.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to witness the icon in his element and yet there are unique moments where Paul shared his openness to the spontaneous elements that creep into life.  He had one line in particular that stood out to me.  I asked Kate and Robert about this line and about what elements of filming Paul surprised them or illuminated something about him they weren't aware of before filming.



I ended my conversation with Kate and Robert by asking about their love and commitment to documentary filmmaking. 

Filmmaker Kate Geis and Producer Robert Aberlin's film – Paul Taylor: Creative Domain is at the Texas Theatre now!


In early November the film expands to Fort Worth at the Modern!!

For more information about the film and it's expanded releases please go, here.

Don't miss out on this look into the talents of one of the real icons of dance.


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