In Stereo – Interview with Writer/Director Mel Rodriguez III

In Stereo marks the feature film debut of Mel Rodriguez III.  The film is out in limited release and on demand tomorrow.  Click through for my interview with Mel Rodriguez III.

Mel Rodriguez III feature film debut is a stylistic look at the changing dynamic of relationships, specifically of the two leads David (Micha Hauptman)and Brenda (Beau Garrett).  As Mel explained in the above clip the film is split into three sections but the film's plot is much more dynamic.  We venture on the journey of seeing the key transitional moments of this failing romance while also experiencing the growth of the characters.  But the elements of the film that really standout and showcase the bold side of this movie start with the musical touches along the way.  Mel and I started our chat by discussing the importance of music to the film and his life as a whole.

Mel talked specifically about the music in the film and the impact Daptone artists had on the movie's style.

Music Supervisor Dan Wilcox took part in a great interview that dives even further into the importance of the music in the film.

But the boldness of this indie dark comedy revolves around more than just the music.  The camera work and shot selections by Mel and his DP Bryan Koss help focus the plot as well as keep the pacing to a perfect beat throughout the three acts of the film.

DP Bryan Koss with Mel.

In Stereo DP Bryan Koss wielding camera with Mel Rodriguez III

The ballsy choices in camera work really extend this film out of the same old indie comedy genre and highlight the talent of the crew on this movie.  The cast though is a great group of talented young actors and actresses.  Beau Garrett's Brenda is a extremely well fleshed out lead even though the film is obviously written by a man.  I was amazed at the arch of Beau's Brenda and how dynamic her changes are in the film.  David is our lead character and we follow his journey the most, but it's Brenda that adds so much to the fun and hard ride you go on.  Micah Hauptman is a fun quirky lead that mixes well with the ladies but also works well with his male counterparts.  I especially enjoyed the therapy sequences in the film with Sean Cullen (Dr. Sean Garrett).  But an element of the film that stands out is the crisp fluid nature of the editing.  The timing of the music, the emotions pulled from the honest dialogue, and the bold camera work all come together because of Mel's tight editing job.  I asked Mel about being not only being the writer-director, but also about his work as editor.

Mel and the gang had their world premiere in NYC. 

In Stereo NYC Premiere with Micah Hauptman Beau Garrett Mario Cantone Mel Rodriguez III and Melissa Bolona

The film is released tomorrow in select theaters and on demand everywhere.  For our southern neighbors in Austin you can see the movie at the Alamo Drafthouse or the Plaza Theater.  Dallas folks venture on down to Oak Cliff to the Texas Theatre to catch this well made indie comedy that looks at romance with a smart witty and yet dark eye.

For more information on the film please go, here.

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