Mid May Report – Top Ten Films of 2017

Dunkirk was my most anticipated film of 2017 and I'm still thinking it'll end my year as my top movie.  In the mean time here is our mid May report on the movies that shine brightest so far in 2017.

Here are Gadi Elkon's Top Ten Films of 2017. 


Before we dive into the top ten list here are 3 festival gems you should keep an eye on.

Oxford Film Festival – Anti Matter

Saw this mind bending film at the 2017 Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, Mississippi.  The creepy vibes extended out into the later evening and didn't subside until the morning.  Quality mind fuck of a film from director that needs to be on your Radar – Keir Burrows.

Logline:  Anti-Matter is a sci-fi noir take on the Alice in Wonderland tale. Ana, an Oxford PhD student, finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to understand what happened, and to find out who or what – is behind the rising horror in her life.

Dallas International Film Festival – Gook.

Film Festival Director James Faust said this was his favorite Sundance film and a must see.  I listened and am glad I did.  Powerful and compelling film from a young filmmaker on the verge of discover.

It’s 1992 in Los Angeles and Eli and Daniel, two Korean American brothers, struggle to keep their father’s shoe store afloat. They’re the unlikely pals of Kamilla, a sassy, 11-year-old African American girl from the neighborhood, who ditches school to secretly hang out at their store. When Kamilla’s brother Keith discovers that she’s spending time with “those gooks,” he plots revenge on them. Meanwhile, on the day of the announcement of the Rodney King verdict, larger acts of violence loom as the LA riots move closer to their world.

AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL 2016 / USA FILM FESTIVAL 2017 – Holding Patterns.

Director Jake Goldberger returned to the USA Film Festival with this intelligent and entertaining indie romantic comedy.  Thoroughly enjoyed Freddie's performance and feel like the pacing of the film is something special. 

After spending years figuring out what to do with his life, Charlie ended up in his late twenties and living at home with his mother, step-father and younger brother. But when Charlie meets Amber, she inspires him to go after his dreams. The problem is that Charlie's dreams include Amber. And Amber is in a relationship with the town's hero, an athlete with a very bright future.


Honorable Mention –


Liev and company give solid performances, lacks the bite of The Fighter or Creed but holds strong in all the Rocky nostalgia.  Love the homage back to Requiem for a Fighter.

TOMMY'S HONOUR – *Extra Treat – Interview with Executive Producer Keith Bank.

A quality story that takes the time to give a full fledged character arch for both Tom and Tommy.



Great story that has incredible visuals to back up this massive animation blockbuster.



Doug Liman doesn't play around.  A hell of a quality ending you don't see coming!



Wonderful performance from a young actress surrounded by talent like Octavia and Cap America.  Hard not to fall in love with this film.



Danny Boyle teaming back up with Writer John Hodge to tackle their classic original hit film is pretty amazing.  The story holds up thru the whole film and the cast seems to relish the dive back into these wild ass characters.


6.  RAW

Great premise that doesn't spoil it's hidden secret until the approiate final bite is taken.  Love the slow build of this twisted story.



By far the most adult comic book film ever.  The old gents seem to relish this chance to unleash a never-before seen Wolverine and Professor X.  The little girl is an utter beast!!



The music is on point, the story is ridicolously fun and baby groot is the best thing to happen to Marvel!  Don't miss out on this sequel.



A holocaust film that takes a slightly different tone and succeeds in delivering an even more powerful statement on the impact of WWII. 



Easily one of the real treats of 2017.  A film that will have discussions and battles for decades.  $100 mil plus is a hell of a statement for this film!



Couldn't stop laughing and the violent last 90 minutes is pure entertainment.  Ben Wheatly is a director that isn't afraid to go full tilt.  Don't miss this incredibly witty bloodbath.  Tarantino meets Matthew Vaughn and add Brie Larson.

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