Movie Round Up & Interview with Writer/Director Robert Nathan

Writer/Director Robert Nathan was awesome enough to chat with me for 2 hours.  In that time we talked about his NPR days, his books, his incredible TV writing/producing history and his directorial debut!  Click through for the interview as well as run down of 4 films releasing today.

Easily one of my earlier favorites of 2014 is the directorial debut of Robert May.  I posted my full interview with Robert on

The award winning Israeli film is one of the best looks into the realities of my homeland.  It's exciting, it's entertaining and it's enlightening!  A film that has the guts to equally show both sides of the battle against terrorism and end the film with a quality point.  You'll think twice about the Bible's version of Bethlehem.  Co-Writer/Director Yuval Adler is a person to keep an eye on in your film going future.

Jodorowsky's Dune is a super-entertaining look into the quirky bold director Alejandro Jodorowsky.  His films have mesmerized, confused, and caused riots, but the one film he should have made didn't happen.  Frank Herbert's classic Sci-Fi book was originally going to be made into a mind-altering game-changer of a film.  This documentary sheds the full light on the amazing team Jodorowsky built and the sad hollywood reality that awaited this merry bunch of talents.  A look into a failed film that had nothing to do with the faults of the talent in front of and behind the camera, but rather the lack of insight of the Hollywood system. 

Jodorowsky's Dune will be released in early April, and so we'll have the full review closer to the release of the film!!


Before we jump into Lucky Bastard, Robert Nathan's directorial debut, I want to share some awesome stories Robert shared with me.  We started by talking about his NPR days.

Robert has worked on ER, Law & Order, & Law & Order: SVU amongst other TV credits.  We talked alot about the ER days.  In particular, he gave me a great story on Producer/Writer/Director John Wells (Shameless, ER, West Wing).

We then talked about the Great STEVEN SPIELBERG!

I asked about his most memorable moment on ER.

And we jumped into Lucky Bastard.

I asked about casting the film.

He then ran through the full cast he says is one of the finest he's worked with.  Especially Don McManus who I talked to as well!

The amazing element of this film is that it was shot in 11 days.

Robert talked at length about his talented DP Clay Westervelt.

He even gave Clay a wonderful compliment.

Robert also talked about his incredible editor, Tony Randel.

All for movies are out today. 

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