Movie Roundup – Love & Air Sex, Hank: 5 Years from the Brink, Monuments Men & Cavemen Interview with Writer/Director

For some odd reason this moving and rather entertaining film was pushed to February of this year, either way it's a movie you should see.  Also make sure to see the other quality films out today.  Click through for reviews of the films out this week and an interview with the Writer/Director of Cavemen Herschel Faber.


Reviews: Monuments Men, HANK: 5 Years from the Brink, and Love & Air Sex.

Though Clooney and Damon might be the big leads in this adaptation of Robert Edsel's fascinating book, Monuments Men, the real highlights are Bob Balaban and Bill Murray.  The duo channel their Wes Anderson history to bring about a great love-hate relationship that helps carry the film through the trek across Europe.  In particular there is a sweet moment that brings Bill Murray's character to tears and it alone is worth the $.  It's hard to tell whether Clooney was aiming for a more comedic or serious film and I think critics are misguidedly attacking this film.  Don't listen to the naysayers, this is a well acted and entertainting film that easily is the best big release this weekend.

I had the privilage of already interviewing Director Bryan Poyser and Co-Writer Steven Walters at DIFF 2013 when the film was called, Bounceback.  The real pleasure from the film is the raunchy freedom it keeps throughout.  The antics our lovable leads go through is just perfectly acted and the movie thus never lags.  Justin Arnold plays one of the more sentimental characters and put in another actors hands this role would have been lost, but Arnold is quite enchanting as a love interest for Ashley Bell.  But the film's new title and really dirty fun moments are encompassed in the relationship between Sara Paxton and Zack Cregger's characters. Their back-and-forth battle is wildly entertaining to see unravel and mixed with the sad sap nature of Michael Stahl-David's lead character the film is a laugh out loud joy ride.  Great mixing of American Pie and Can't Hardly Wait with a touch of Austin's Alamo Drafthouse to keep it all indie cool and hip.  For you DFW folks the film is having a special screening on February 20th at the Texas Theatre!

This enlightening documentary from Director Joe Berlinger gives a tremendous insight into Hank Paulson.  If you're not already familiar with the name then you need to be.  His life has impacted all of ours whether you realize or not.  This documentary showcases Berlinger's bold style as well as getting to the heart of the bail outs.  We meet Hank and his family and then are introduced to the way in which our country fell into recession.  It's a powerful must see doc from one of the better doc filmmakers around!

Cavemen could have been another romantic diatribe that goes nowhere, but it's not.  It's a rather subtle look into what men and women are truly searching for in a partner.  The script is crisp and allows for it's talented young actors to climb above any cliched characteristics seen in other similar films.  The sentimentality is what really makes this film.  Not only are the male characters fleshed out, but it's the two female love interests who really shine throughout their scenes.  Camilla Belle showcases how she has the chops to be a legit female lead.  If you're looking for a great Valentine's Day film, this is it.

Speaking of Cavemen here is my interview with Writer/Director Herschel Faber:

Herschel and I started our chat by talking about the world premiere of the film at this past year's Austin Film Festival.

He explained how the script is loosely based on his own life's journey.

Herschel got into more about the film being a personal tale.

And the story's main thread is a reflection of Herschel's own love story.

I asked about one of my favorite sequences in the film.

We talked about cutting while you're shooting the film.

The film has a tremendous young cast.

We talked about the talented women in the cast.

The elder statesman, Jason Patric, was also a real treat.

The wonderful score by Ronen Landa is a real pleasure and Herschel talked about Ronen's impact.

Ronen and Herschel are both Columbia University guys and join the growing list of talented filmmakers I've inerviewed from that school.

The film comes out today on VOD and in select theaters and Herschel talks about that achievement.

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