NOBODY – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez

NOBODY – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez

Nobody is a story about a man, Hutch Mansell, played by Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) who lives a mundane life. The opening scene of the movie is a collage of every day of the week showing just how mundane his life is. Monday, go to work, Tuesday, take out the trash (where he misses the pick-up by just a few seconds every week), and on and on. He lives a routine life providing for his wife and kids while working for his father-in-law at a manufacturing plant. He’s just a Nobody.

However, after a home invasion robbery, with his family asleep in the house, we discover Hutch has a violent past as a former FBI agent with special training. Not wanting to escalate the situation he holds up a possible golf swing on a female robber which greatly disappoints his son who wrestled with the other robber on the floor while his father did nothing.

In interviews with Odenkirk, he reveals the movie is based on a true story about a robbery in his California home. The true story propels the movie into a tale of vengeance and revenge as he then goes out in search of the couple who robbed him in his own home. Using a sketch he made of one burglar’s tattoo, he begins his search for the two criminals with the hopes of retrieving a kitty-kat bracelet that the invaders stole from his daughter. 

While being a vigilante he tangles with a street gang on a city bus to protect a young woman who’s being harassed by the gang. One of the gang members, who ends up in the hospital, turns out to be the younger brother of a member of the Russian Mafia. Things now escalate as the mob puts a hit out on Hutch and his entire family.

Odenkirk does a great job in this movie of going from a simple man to revealing he’s a trained killer. The cast, with RZA as his brother (the movie never explains how he got a black brother) and Christopher Lloyd as his father does a great job as a collaborative team. The fight scenes are excellent and really memorable. Odenkirk spent two years training for the fight scenes and does all his own stunts in the movie. 

The movie is rated R for violence and has a run time of 92 minutes. Nobody is showing on PPV including Prime Video and VUDU as well as in local theaters. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate Nobody a JUMBO.  

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