PAINLESS – Interview with Writer/Director Jordan Horowitz

Ultimately to me, this film is about acceptance, and learning to let go of the self imposed barriers we all create for ourselves that keep ourselves locked inside the prisons of our own minds.
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Here is my interview with Writer/Director Jordan Horowitz.

Born with a rare condition that leaves him alienated and unable to feel physical pain, Henry Long becomes obsessed with finding a cure.  His need for normalcy leads him down a dark path where he must decide if finding a cure is worth paying the ultimate price.

Writer/Director Jordan Horowitz talked with me about the origins of this film, the scientific team he assembled to make sure the truth matched the fiction, about shooting in NYC and Rhode Island, finding such a terrific cast, his documentary ANGEL OF NANJING, and about much more!    

Here is my chat with Jordan.

*I was terribly sick, so sorry for the crazy voice.

Painless impressed me on so many levels.  It is a film that doesn't shy away from the reality and yet never wavers from its suspense filled thrills.  Henry's journey is both profound and heartbreaking.  Jordan's work continues to showcase a real sense of heartfelt truth while still keeping you fulled connected to the entertainment.  Fluid cinematography, quality acting and a tremendously moving score help accent Jordan's overall vision.        

The film released in LA this Friday and hits VOD on October 2nd. 

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