The 6th Annual Festival of Cinema NYC Announces Film Lineup August 5-14

ONE PINT AT A TIME – Alisa Bowens-Mercado is the owner and brew-master of Rhythm Brewing Company in New Haven, Connecticut. She is the first Black beer brand owner, female or male, from her state. Alisa is also a professional Latin-American dancer and instructor, and for the past twenty years, has owned and operated her own dance studio, Alisa’s House of Salsa.​


Festival of Cinema NYC returns for its 6th year, as a live in-person 10-day event, August 5 – August 14. Taking place at the Regal UA Midway theater in Forest Hills, Queens, FOC NYC will showcase 124 independent films from more than 25 countries, with over 90 anticipated filmmakers to be in attendance. The festival opens with the New York premiere of Casey Nelson & Marchelle Thurman’s Black, White and the Greys, and Closes with the New York Premiere screening of Michael Glover Smith’s Relative.

The premiere rich film festival includes 12 world premieres, 7 North American premieres, and 13 East Coast premieres. World premieres include Christopher Jackson’s The Beast Comes at Midnight, Yalda Jebelli’s Jamshidieh, and Kim Johnson’s Wishing For Wings. North American premieres include Florian Hessique ‘s In the Moment, Heimir Bjarnason’s Redux, and Yves Matthey’s Wet Dogs.

Next month will mark the festival’s return to the Queens Library at Forest Hills as a second screening location for the first time since 2019 as FOC NYC continues to expand its footprint back to its pre-pandemic glory. Programming at the library will includes short film screenings, seminars and special guest speakers – all of which will be offered free to the public. Seminars include a discussion and film presentation with Face To Face Films founder and director Anthony Laura. Guest speaker Pamala Buzick Kim, Executive Director of the non-profit organization Free The Work, will lead a discussion on the challenges of increasing diversity behind the camera during a time when the rights of women and LGBTQ individuals are actively under assault. Other seminars will cover film industry topics such as film distribution and new approaches to doing press and PR to promote independent films today.

Festival of Cinema NYC Founder and Executive Director Jayson Simba, said, “This year’s edition of the film festival continues to build on the success and growth we experienced last year highlighted by our return to the Queens Library for free films, panels and talks. This year, we have also worked hard to find amazing films from all over the world to present to our FOC NYC film fans, while also celebrating our local filmmakers and the community we call home.”

Among the additions to FOC NYC, will be a pre-launch party inside Resorts World NYC’s famous 360º Bar and Lounge (110-0 Rockaway Blvd) on Thursday, August 4. On Sunday August 7, the festival will hold its first ever family day, highlighted by the screening of Marcus Ovnell’s children’s fantasy film, Emily and the Magic Journey.

Casey Nelson & Marchelle Thurman’s family drama Black White and the Greys opens the film festival things off on Friday, August 5. The film follows a young couple and their daughter whose lives are upended by the pandemic and the realities of the quarantine, job loss and the gradual discovery that their beliefs simply don’t align on many important issues. The film will be preceded by a screening of Kary Sarrey’s short film Song of the Same Night.

Michael Glover Smith’s ensemble dramedy Relative closes FOC NYC on Saturday, August 13. The film stars Wendy Robie (Twin Peaks) and Steppenwolf Theater legend Francis Guinan as the parents of a family dealing with separations, new romances, and empty-nesting following the college graduation of their son (played by The Walking Dead’s Cameron Scott Roberts). The film will be preceded by a screening of Maria Juranic’s short film A Feast That Never Comes.

World premieres include Christopher Jackson’s The Beast Comes at Midnight, where two teens come to the realization that their town is being terrorized by a werewolf. The Midnight Madness Horror film features Eric Roberts. Yalda Jebelli’s Jamshidieh looks at a couple dealing with a tragic incident that may tie them to a murder investigation, and Kim Johnson’s documentary Wishing For Wings focuses on the experiences of a shy middle-class librarian who teaches teenage boys in prison. Among the films making their North American premieres are Florian Hessique‘s drama In the Moment about the struggles of a ranch hand’s return from a fall-induced coma which lasted ten years. Heimir Bjarnason’s Icelandic drama Redux follows the lives of three characters whose lives intertwine amidst buried secrets and small town corruption, and Yves Matthey’s Swiss road film Wet Dogs where a woman takes her best friend on a trip to “escape” from a cancer diagnosis.

Additional highlights include Cat Brewer’s documentary Sign the Show which shines a light on Deaf and HoH community members, American Sign Language interpreters, and includes interviews with over 50 artists, including Kelly Clarkson, D.L. Hughley, Waka Flocka Flame, DJ Whoo Kid, and André 3000 focusing on the challenges and barriers faced by the Deaf/HoH community. Joss Refauvelet’s thriller Aamal about a woman Chained to a pickup truck and abandoned in the California desert with a gun as her only apparent means of escape makes its East Coast premiere. Nicola Rose’s female coming-of-age comedy Goodbye, Petrushka follows a young woman (Lizzie Kehoe) as she journeys from New York to Paris as she battles wacky French bureaucrats, nannying for the Parisian family from hell, and a toxic relationship, as she tries to achieve her dreams. Gaysorn Thavat’s The Justice of Bunny King focuses on a headstrong mother of two with a sketchy past, who earns her keep by washing windows at traffic lights. Using her razor-sharp wit to charm money from gridlocked motorists, she saves every cent to get back the custody of her kids, but now she must race against the clock or all of her hard work could go for naught.

Festival of Cinema NYC will culminate with an award dinner celebration on Sunday August 14, at the JCAL Jamaica Performing Arts Center in Jamaica, Queens, where films in competition will vie for awards in 17 Categories.

This year Festival of Cinema NYC is introducing the sale of ticket bundles along with All-Access VIP passes. Attendees can purchase tickets in bundles of 10 or 15 at a discounted rate. All-Access passes will offer the largest discount and include entry into the Award DInner Ceremony on August 14th. Regular ticket prices are $17 per film block. Opening and Closing Night tickets are priced at $30 and include entry and a drink to the afterparty.

Individual tickets, bundles and VIP passes can be purchased by visiting (Discounts to individual tickets purchases will be offered at the door for Senior Citizens, SAG-AFTRA members, Resorts World NYC Genting Rewards members, members of the Queens Economic Development Corporation, the Forest Hills Asian Association, the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce, the Queens Chamber of Commerce, and members Community Board 6.)

The 2022 Festival of Cinema NYC is funded in part by the Mosaic Network and Fund in The New York Community Trust; Resorts World Gives; The Mathis-Pfohl Foundation; The NYSCA Recovery Fund, and is supported and made possible, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Other sponsors for the 2022 festival include Regal Cinemas; Final Draft; Soundview Media Partners, and Simple DCP.

To purchase tickets and learn more information about the festival, please visit




Black White and the Greys                                                             

Directors: Casey Nelson & Marchelle Thurman

Country: United States; Running Time: 99 min

Jordie and Caleb Grey have a seemingly perfect life. They’ve been married for seven years and have an adorable, precocious five-year-old daughter named Millie. Of course they have their ups and downs but for the most part they’re happy. That all changes when a nationwide pandemic hits, and the couple are forced to quarantine together. Caleb loses his job and becomes a stay-at- home dad, while Jordie is tasked with being the sole breadwinner and working from home. As various events of 2020 unfold – the death of Kobe Bryant, Covid, ‘The Black Lives Matter’ movement, a wave of Cancel Culture in Caleb’s field, etc… The couple gradually discovers that their beliefs simply don’t align on many important issues.

Preceded by

Song of the Same Night                                                                  

Director: Kary Sarrey

Country: United States; Running Time: 12 min





Director: Michael Glover Smith

Country: United States; Running Time: 97 min

This Chicago-made dramedy stars Wendy Robie (Twin Peaks) and Steppenwolf Theater legend Francis Guinan as the parents of a family at a crossroads. How will the Frank family handle separations, new romances, and empty-nesting following the college graduation of Benji (played by The Walking Dead‘s Cameron Scott Roberts), the youngest member of their clan? Time, love, family reunions and online proclivities test all of the characters in this ensemble film.

Preceded by

A Feast That Never Comes                                                             

Director: Maria Juranic

Country: United States; Running Time: 17 min





A Thousand Hours                                                               East Coast Premiere

Director: Carl Moberg

Countries: Sweden/Denmark; Running Time: 101 min

Anna’s and Thomas’ bandmate was not supposed to die. And Anna was not supposed to kiss Thomas in the aftermath. Nor was she supposed to leave everything and move to Berlin. And Thomas was most certainly not supposed to just show up in Berlin one day, when she’s gotten a new life and moved on from him. But music has its own way.


Aamal                                                                                     East Coast Premiere

Director: Joss Refauvelet

Country: United States; Running Time: 87 min

Chained to a pickup truck and abandoned in the California desert with a gun as her only apparent means of escape, a young woman must unravel her captor’s twisted scheme before she is undone herself.


The Beast Comes at Midnight                                             World Premiere

Director: Christopher Jackson

Country: United States; Running Time: 85 min

Tuff, a teenage outcast, is struggling to grow his failing live stream which centers around his family heritage of slideshows and carnivals. After a series of animal attacks begin making headlines in town, Tuff begins to suspect that the attacks could be the work of something more sinister. When Mary, one of the most popular girls at school, reveals that she’s a long time fan of Tuff’s live stream, the two begin a journey to uncover the truth about the attacks and discover that a real life werewolf is in their rural Florida town!



Director: Carlos Rafael Betancourt

Country: United States; Running Time: 92 min

David, a middle aged painter and former Navy officer living in a secluded but beautiful shoreline house in the Florida Keys, breaks his willful isolation to do a portrait of a very special guest: young, edgy and openly gay Justin; but as the date takes an unexpected turn, David must do everything in his power to keep control of the situation while discovering Justin’s true intentions.


Don’t Talk to Strangers                                                                   

Directors: Ryan Lacen & Anthony Baldino

Country: Ireland; Running Time: 84 min

Emmy’s family has always been different, for starters they all have gone dangerously insane at the age of thirty. Now, with her own thirtieth birthday looming, Emmy decides to travel to Ireland to uncover answers to what may be a life-long family curse. It’s there that she tracks down Patrick, a stranger whose own family may have had ties to hers. Now, as Emmy grows closer to the answers to her family curse, she finds herself caught in the middle of a dangerous affair.


Eagle Knight                                                             

Director: Alejandro Blazquez

Country: Mexico; Running Time: 98 min

After high school is over three friends most choose their paths in life. Pastor dreams of flying and the love of Flor, her jealous brother Nacho gets seduced by crime.


Emily and the Magic Journey                                                                     

Director: Marcus Ovnell

Country: Sweden; Running Time: 85 min

Emily and her mother live alone after losing her father. She wants to help her mother find happiness and to learn about the father she never knew. When Emily finds a mysterious chest that transports her to a magical world, she meets fantastic and mythical creatures that become her new friends. After discovering her new friends are in danger, Emily must face her worst fear to complete her journey.


Esme, My Love                                                                     

Director: Cory Choy

Country: United States; Running Time: 105 min

When Hannah notices the symptoms of a terminal and painful illness in her aloof daughter, Esme, she decides to take her on a trip to their abandoned family farm in a desperate attempt to connect before they have to say goodbye. Inspired by true events and starring Stacey Weckstein and a 9-year-old Audrey Grace Marshall,  Esme, My Love is a suspenseful meditation on love, loss, family, and magic.


Goodbye, Petrushka                                                           

Director: Nicola Rose

Country: United States; Running Time: 100 min

Claire, 19, is a bit of an oddball: a romantic, a puppeteer, and a fish out of water at college. After one appalling class too many, Claire hits a breaking point. Right around that same time, she has a chance meeting with an intriguing Frenchman named Thibaut, a figure skater at the end of his career. That’s when Claire decides it’s time for a change. She allows her crazy, rich best friend Julia to talk her into an impulsive move from New York to Paris. There, the starry-eyed Claire meets Thibaut again and they embark on a unique project together. But from there, nothing in Paris quite goes as Claire planned. Whether she’s battling wacky French bureaucrats, nannying for the Parisian family from hell, embarrassing herself in front of Thibaut, or finding her way through a toxic relationship — Claire’s stint in Paris is one faux pas after another.

Happy FKIN Sunshine                                                          East Coast Premiere

Director: Derek Diorio

Country: Canada; Running Time: 98 min

Ronnie Weston and her brother Will live in a one mill town. When the mill workers go on strike, the future for their family looks bleak. Fortunately, Ronnie has found a brisk business selling weed. When Will wants to start a band, Ronnie uses her weed profits to buy Will an electric guitar. Against everybody’s advice, Will enlists local outcast Artie Porter as the bass player. Artie spends his days allegedly partying with heavy metal icons and getting fellatio from rock and roll legends – or so he says. Artie’s lies cause instant conflict within the band, especially with Vince, the egotistical lead singer. But the musical chemistry is undeniable, and Will feels that his band just might hit the big time. If they can survive their dying town…and each other.



Director: Fabien Dufils

Country: United States; Running Time: 93 min

Sarah, a struggling young woman, becomes a test subject for an experimental medical AI implant. When the implant turns sinister and takes control of her body, Sarah fights to survive with only one choice: to live or die.


In Her Name                                                              

Director: Sarah Carter

Country: United States; Running Time: 142 min

After decades of radio silence and their mother’s recent suicide, family bankruptcy conspires to reunite estranged and wildly incompatible sisters as they face the weird business involved in their egolomaniacal artist father’s terminal prognosis.  The film begins when Fiona unexpectedly arrives at Freya and Marv’s doorstep to sell their home before the bank can get to it. Only then does Fiona learn that her dad is dying and her sister’s life is, in her opinion, out of control.  Against their wishes, Fiona is compelled to stay. Mirroring an absurd level of denial and delusion over the course of a few days together, the three of them undergo a series of alchemical revelations that unravel their twisted narratives.  Their lives are no less tragic but finally, they know love.


In the Moment                                                                       North American Premiere

Director: Florian Hessique

Country: France; Running Time: 84 min

After a fall from a horse that left him in a coma for almost ten years, Joshua returns to the stables he knew so well. Greeted by Mario and Alice, he recognizes nothing and no one. Throughout this day, the latter will try everything to revive some memories in the head of the one they were so close to, but who today seems to be a complete stranger.


Jamshidieh                                                                            World Premiere

Director: Yalda Jebelli

Country: Iran; Running Time: 91 min

After Taraneh and Amir get into a street fight, things get complicated when the taxi driver involved dies. Taraneh wants to make sure they didn’t cause any harm to the man, but it comes at a price opening up a simple death to a murder investigation. Should she stay silent, there would not be any further scrutinization. What Taraneh will choose, puts their marriage in test.


The Justice of Bunny King                                                             

Director: Gaysorn Thavat

Country: New Zealand; Running Time: 101 min

Bunny King (Davis), a headstrong mother of two with a sketchy past, earns her keep by washing windows at traffic lights. Using her razor-sharp wit to charm money from gridlocked motorists, she saves every cent to get back the custody of her kids. After promising her daughter a birthday party, Bunny must fight the social services and break the rules to keep her word, but in doing so risks losing her children altogether. Accompanied by her niece Tonya (Thomasin McKenzie), a fierce teenager running away from home, Bunny is in a race against the clock and headed towards an epic showdown with the authorities.


Man with Shadow                                                                

Director: Ema Kugler

Country: Slovenia; Running Time: 100 min

Genetic code forces people to reproduce. Infants have no choice: they become a part of this world without any will of their own, and as completely helpless beings they are subjected to training in the civilizational norms… Is anything else possible at all?


Nobody Famous                                                                  

Director: Elizabeth Ahlstrom

Country: United States; Running Time: 69 min

The Pozo-Seco Singers were an American folk band that experienced national commercial success during the 1960s. Comprised of Susan Taylor, Don Williams and Lofton Kline, the trio hailed out of Corpus Christi, TX, but once they signed to Columbia Records, their music went national. They are perhaps best known for their 1966 hit “Time“ but that was just one moment in their acclaimed history. Susan Taylor was the lead singer. She is best known as Taylor Pie, but with her overly friendly, always smiling, and lighthearted humorous persona she prefers to be simply be called “Pie”.


Redux                                                                                     North American Premiere

Director: Heimir Bjarnason

Country: Iceland; Running Time: 92 min

In an idyllic Southern Icelandic village, we follow the lives of three characters, each dealing with loss, regret, life’s paths and dark pasts. Ragna, an aimless delivery woman with aspirations of ambition, finds her world upended when Júlíus, her half-brother, mysteriously disappears in the wake of his wife’s sudden death. Meanwhile, the deceased wife’s sister, Arna, starts to uncover darker truths as she discovers a bleak trail of buried secrets and small town corruption, all in the name of loyalty and family.


Turbo Cola                                                                

Director: Luke Covert

Country: United States; Running Time: 95 min

With all of his friends headed to a party on the last night of 1999, Austin takes an extra shift at the Quality Mart gas station and is forced to look down the barrel of what it means to graduate high school and face a future stuck in his middle of nowhere hometown. He’s got one night to make his dreams come true, legal or not, and he’s taking it.


Under Spanish Skies                                                                       

Director: Nathan Buck

Country: Germany; Running Time: 89 min

After her husband Neil’s death, Leah calls her closest friends, Beth and Gregory to join her for a weekend at her farm in Andalucia. Soon after they arrive, Leah reveals that she and Neil had a suicide pact and that she will end her life the day after they leave. Now, Gregory and Beth face a harrowing dilemma: whether to tell Leah the truths they know about Neil, or to allow her to go to her death holding on to illusions of a perfect marriage. Meanwhile, Alix, a young, rebellious woman arrives to spend the hot summer with her uncle, Andrés, the farm’s environmentalist overseer. This unexpected arrival disrupts Leah’s careful plans, and chaos ensues.


Wet Dogs                                                                               North American Premiere

Director: Yves Matthey

Country: Switzerland; Running Time: 74 min

Alix & Tina. Two best friends. Tina gets bad news: she has a cancer. She calls Alix and then escapes from the hospital. Together they decide to go and live their dreams.


Zeria                                                                                       East Coast Premiere

Director: Harry Cleven

Country: Belgium; Running Time: 61 min

Gaspard tells his life story to his grandson whom he has never met…Zeria, his grandson, is the first human born on Mars… after the collapse of humanity, during a great exodus where everyone left Earth – except the oldest ones…Zeria would then be the first human being to return to Earth without ever having known it. Gaspard will entrust the troubled images of his past to his grandson, as sincerely as possible, with all the absurdity, the incoherence, the tragedy and the grotesque.  Sometimes he gets a little lost in his memories, mixing them with those he has been told, with his dreams and fantasies…





Finding Courage                                                                  

Director: Kay Rubacek

Country: United States; Running Time: 80 min

A former journalist for the Chinese Communist Party (YIFEI WANG), living in exile in San Francisco, struggles to settle into life in America while working to heal her family’s wounds from their tragic past. She is seeking justice for the murder of her sister at the hands of the Chinese authorities.


The Game Is Up: Disillusioned Trump Voters Tell Their Stories                                   

Director: Melissa Jo Peltier

Country: United States; Running Time: 113 min

Imagine how you’d feel if you’d fallen for a lifelong conman, only to learn that everything he told you was a lie. Not all Trump voters were ignorant or “deplorable” in 2016; many were tricked by lies and mesmerized by rhetoric into seeing something that wasn’t there. Those who’ve woken and decided to tell us their stories. In The Game is Up, we’re telling some of those stories, using soft emotional persuasion (deeply personal, intimate stories, leading to audience identification) and experts who explain exactly how Trump hoodwinked them, in this  powerful, influential two hour documentary film. Our subjects are a vast array of individuals who deserve voices.  We are their vehicle.


One Pint at a Time                                                               

Director: Aaron Hose

Country: United States; Running Time: 89 min

Craft beer generates tens of billions of dollars annually for the US economy. Despite beer’s Egyptian and African heritage, these traditions have been mostly forgotten and are rarely found in American brewing culture.  Today, Black-owned breweries make up less than 1% of the nearly 9,000 breweries in operation.  Eager to shift the historical perception of who makes and drinks beer, Black brewers, brand owners and influencers across the country are reshaping the craft beer industry and the future of America’s favorite adult beverage.


Sign the Show

Director: Cat Brewer

Country: US, Running Time: 96 min

The film brings together entertainers, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) community, and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters to discuss accessibility at live performances in a humorous, heartfelt, and insightful way.


Something Ain’t Right                                                                     

Director: Susan Downs, MD

Country: United States; Running Time: 73 min

This documentary with Kevin Sorbo looks at physicians who were successfully treating covid since March 2020.  Yet the majority of these physicians throughout the world were censored.  Countless lives could have been saved had this not happened. Had this censorship not happened, would we have needed the economically destructive lockdowns? Would people be living in fear as they are today?  How would our lives be different?


Wishing For Wings                                                               World Premiere

Director: Kim Johnson

Country: Trinidad & Tobago; Running Time: 72 min

A shy middle-class librarian is inveigled into teaching Literature to teenage boys in prison. They are from a world of poverty and crime, a universe away from their teacher and her syllabus. Teacher and students must learn to communicate with, and learn from one another so she can help prepare them for examinations. That new relationship affects the lives of both teacher and students in ways neither foresaw.





A Class Act                                                               

Directors: Louie Cortes, Bec Fordyce

Country: United States; Running Time: 19 min

Renowned NYC acting coach, Tommy Turf has hired an indie documentary crew to document his rise to fame. In the pilot episode – we are introduced to him and his students. Each student has a different reason why they are there.


DAD-rahpy – EP 1- It was dads at first site                                                           

Directors: Rick “Wind” Herrera, Alexandra “Cloud” Gutierrez

Country: United States; Running Time: 13 min

DAD-rahpy follows two Afro-Latino fathers who randomly met on a bench at a children’s park. As they build a friendship they confront their internal conflicts, and the Joys of fatherhood while juggling the obstacles of life.


Demise – Episode 1                                                              

Director: Tony Kim

Country: United States; Running Time: 6 min

Demise is a stylish 10 episode series that portrays a modern day David vs. Goliath fable.  It captures the zeitgeist of today” Billionaires living in depraved opulence with impunity vs the rest of us. This is a story of one man, Jason Stone, who must fight for his innocence against a system that protects billionaires and the sycophants who enables Jason’s demise.



Director: Mary Angélica Molina

Country: United States; Running Time: 5 min

Because a “saying” in any language never has a literal translation in another, the episodes present tall-tales that describe their spirit and essence. Cheeky and playful, Dichos attempts to translate the untranslatable.


How to Hack Birth Control                                                  East Coast Premiere

Director: Sassy Mohen

Country: United States; Running Time: 27 min

A 3-segment satire pilot that focuses on how to navigate and take charge in today’s contraception universe. The film takes a run at ‘not supposed to talk about,’ scenarios and answers the questions women truly want to know but are taught to be too afraid to ask.



Director: Ingrid Franchi

Country: France; Running Time: 13 min

Five characters struggle in their respective lives to get rid of a destiny imposed, suffered, or thwarted, in order to fully flourish in their respective choices. They will have to face their families, society, to be able to live their lives freely without being a prisoner.


Visitation (webseries) – Episode One                                                        

Director: Patrick Devaney

Country: United States; Running Time: 20 min

An elite NASA research team go against directives and launch their own investigation into a strange signal coming from the edges of the solar system. They decide on their own, mostly for fun, to see if they’d get some sort of response. They are hardly prepared for the day when they do and after that moment, everything moves quicker than they can compensate for. And what is this response exactly?


Wherever You Go                                                                

Directors: Eevin Hartsough & Andrew Beguin

Country: United States; Running Time: 12 min

A pair of new friends stick together as they run away from a series of antagonists but discover the one person you can’t run away from is yourself.






40ish…                                                                                   East Coast Premiere

Director: Traci Hays

Country: United States; Running Time: 25 min


Adjustment of Status                                                                      

Director: Josh Deal

Country: United States; Running Time: 11 min




After Sunset                                                             

Director: Melo Zhang

Country: China; Running Time: 8 min


All That Glitters                                                                    

Director: Dan Bronzite

Country: United Kingdom; Running Time: 24 min


Animals You Want Tao Eat                                                  World Premiere

Director: Phil Cheney

Country: United States; Running Time: 7 min


Behind the Wall                                                                     World Premiere

Director: Tanya Gambourg

Country: United States; Running Time: 9 min



Director: Paul De Cinque

Country: Australia; Running Time: 9 min



Director: Shannon Morrall

Country: United States; Running Time: 15 min


Breaking Up                                                                          North American Premiere

Directors: Claudia Nankervis, Jessica Sofarnos

Country: Australia; Running Time: 16 min



Director: Matthew Horvat

Country: Canada; Running Time: 10 min


Charter                                                                                   North American Premiere

Director: El Houssine Hnine

Country: Maroc; Running Time: 20 min


City Creatures                                                                      

Director: Michael Johnston

Country: United States; Running Time: 12 min



Director: Joe Chvala

Country: United States; Running Time: 9 min


Dance Till Dawn                                                                    East Coast Premiere

Director: Austin Nunes

Country: United States; Running Time: 10 min


Dear Juan Manuel                                                                

Director: José Luis López Ortiz

Country: Spain; Running Time: 17 min


The Della Morte Sisters                                                                   

Director: Bill Sorvino

Country: United States; Running Time: 18 min



Director: Alain Rimbert

Country: France; Running Time: 10 min


Derrick & Boyd                                                                     

Director: Chris Goodwin

Country: United States; Running Time: 26 min


Double Zero                                                              

Director: Pat Bradley

Country: United States; Running Time: 20 min


F* the M Train                                                                       

Director: Peter Gagnon

Country: United States; Running Time: 20 min


Forest Giants                                                           

Director: Augusta Mariano

Country: United States; Running Time: 21 min


For I Am Dead                                                                      

Director: Patricia Delso Lucas

Country: Belgium; Running Time: 18 min


The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland                                                                  

Directors: Alison Stover, Joe Benedetto

Country: United States; Running Time: 23 min


The Grave With No Name                                                               

Director: Gérard Corporon

Country: France; Running Time: 15 min



Director: Titus Paar

Country: Sweden; Running Time: 22 min


The Head of the Cat                                                              East Coast Premiere

Directors: Harriet and Peter Meining

Country: Germany; Running Time: 29 min


The Hunter Permutation                                                      North American Premiere

Director: Zora Cielle Anri

Country: United Kingdom; Running Time: 25 min




I Mustache You                                                                    

Director: Shara Ashley Zeiger

Country: United States; Running Time: 13 min


I’m Not Nice                                                              

Directors: Shannon Morrall, Tom A. Capps

Country: United States; Running Time: 17 min



Director: Glenn Pack

Country: United States; Running Time: 14 min



Director: Jun Sekiya

Country: United States; Running Time: 20 min



Director: Marley Hasselbach

Country: Denmark; Running Time: 18 min


Last Seen                                                                  

Director: Nathan Ginter

Country: United States; Running Time: 13 min


Let’s Leave The Planet!                                                                   

Director: Chelsea Bryn Lockie

Country: United States; Running Time: 8 min


The Little Drummer Boy                                                                  

Director: John Gray

Country: United States; Running Time: 11 min


Love and Addiction                                                              East Coast Premiere

Director: Directed by Richard Lampone

Country: United States; Running Time: 10 min


Margarita Milne                                                                    

Director: Margarita Milne

Country: United Kingdom; Running Time: 20 min


The Night Clubbers                                                             

Director: Matthew James Thomas

Country: United States; Running Time: 16 min


No Reasons                                                                           World Premiere

Director: Masataka Ishizaki

Country: United States; Running Time: 12 min


Nothing Is Real                                                                    

Director: Masa Gibson

Country: United States; Running Time: 4 min


Odd Man Out                                                            

Director: Peter Ethymiou

Country: United Kingdom; Running Time: 11 min


Orbital Christmas                                                                

Director: Mitsuyasu Sakai

Country: Japan; Running Time: 16 min


Part Forever                                                             

Director: Alan Chung An Ou

Country: Taiwan; Running Time: 12 min


Rusty The Robot Desert Waltz                                                                   

Director: Alan Rosenfeld

Country: United States; Running Time: 3 min


Sada                                                                                       East Coast Premiere

Director: Alex Andre

Country: United States; Running Time: 27 min



Director: Muhammad Bilal

Country: United States; Running Time: 24 min


Seven Fishes                                                            

Director: Jaclyn Gramigna

Country: United States; Running Time: 10 min


She’s Fine                                                                              East Coast Premiere

Director: Ramuel Galarza

Country: United States; Running Time: 20 min



Director: Chris Thompson

Country: United States; Running Time: 20 min



Director: Daniel Farmer

Country: United States; Running Time: 9 min


Sonny, Mammy and Patch the Dog                                    East Coast Premiere

Director: Adam Hart

Country: Ireland; Running Time: 15 min



Director: Lisa Marie Tedesco

Country: United States; Running Time: 17 min




Suburban Fantasy                                                               

Director: Peter Mancuso

Country: United States; Running Time: 28 min


Survival Job                                                             

Director: Monica McCarthy

Country: United States; Running Time: 13 min


Sushi                                                                                      World Premiere

Director: Tim Martin

Country: United States; Running Time: 20 min


Sweet Pea & Glass                                                              

Director: Daniel Merino Villavicencio

Country: United States; Running Time: 11 min


There’s Something in the Silence                                                              

Director: Mike Castro

Country: United States; Running Time: 8 min


There’s Something Wrong With Paul                                                                    

Director: Mark Clauburg

Country: United States; Running Time: 12 min


True Crime                                                                

Director: Kai Brown

Country: United States; Running Time: 15 min


The Vow                                                                    

Director: Charles Sweeney

Country: United States; Running Time: 19 min



Director: Vadim Egoul

Country: United States; Running Time: 10 min


Will You Take This Dog?                                                                

Director: Shari Albert

Country: United States; Running Time: 11 min



In a Whole New Way                                                            

Director: Jonathan Fisher

Country: United States; Running Time: 31 min


Just Benjamin                                                                       East Coast Premiere

Director: Paige Murphy

Country: United States; Running Time: 24 min




Living Through It                                                                 

Director: Daniel E. Kennedy

Country: United States; Running Time: 19 min



Blind Date                                                                 

Director: Alan Rosenfeld

Country: United States; Running Time: 2 min


Jason Pell’s Pinpricks                                                                     

Director: Adam Stover

Country: United States; Running Time: 15 min


Sucks To Be The Moon                                                        World Premiere

Director: Eric Paperth, Tyler March

Country: United States; Running Time: 11 min



The Game Called Go Insane                                                World Premiere

Director: Jake LeCarner

Country: United States; Running Time: 10 min


Into the Colors                                                                     

Director: Jessica Juliao

Country: United States; Running Time: 7 min


Old Friends and Other Days                                                                       

Director: Cameron Menzies

Country: Northern Ireland; Running Time: 36 min



Director: Phillip Russell

Country: United States; Running Time: 4 min



Director: Ayodeji Otuyelu

Country: United States; Running Time: 18 min


Vultures                                                                                 World Premiere

Director: Daniel Denegre

Country: United States; Running Time: 12 min


Music Video

BubbleBathAntics Carrie                                                     World Premiere

Director: Adam M. Tuller

Country: United States; Running Time: 6 min


Erin Hill: Eleanor Rigby                                                                  

Director: Erin Hill

Country: United States; Running Time: 4 min


Reminiscence                                                                        World Premiere

Director: Jia Zhao

Country: China; Running Time: 4 min


Sananda Maitreya – Her Kiss (Music Video)                                                                     

Director: Luciano Boschetti

Country: Italy; Running Time: 6 min


Snakes of Russia – Heart Caves In (Robot Koch remix) – Official Video          

Director: Jeremiah Hutchens

Country: United States; Running Time: 4 min


Todo                                                                                       North American Premiere

Director: Michael Dürr

Country: Austria; Running Time: 6 min


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