The Biggest Shaving Cream Pie Fight on Earth

Today, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey broke the world record for the most participants in a shaving cream pie fight! Needing 684 folks to break the record, the circus smashed it with 714! The participants had a great time for the sixty seconds required to qualify for the record.

Many of the people who came out were dressed in their best clown outfits; others wore their best “pie fight” clothes.   The organizers provided raingear and goggles to protect everyone's eyes.   

As we waited for the fight to begin we in the press looked out over crowd watching the excited people milling about talking to their friends and making new ones.  It was amazing that most wore their raingear despite the heat (95+).  We were delayed for nearly an hour as the organizers rushed to get the final participants registered.  Finally the time arrived, the rules were explained by the representative from Guiness, and the five second countdown began…

On GO! The crowd erupted as pies went everywhere!  Friends pelted friends and strangers slapped strangers with their plates of shaving cream!  Thirty seconds went by so quickly!  The end of the sixty seconds found people scooping cream off the ground to fling and throwing the paper plates used for the pies like Frisbees!  Fun was, as they say, had by all this day!

Afterwards, Nicole and Alana Feld, Executive Vice Presidents with Feld Entertainment read the certificate to the crowd and thanked them for their help and support.


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