THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE – A Review by Gadi Elkon

The Lego Empire explodes back on the scene with two movies this year.  Up first is Director Chris McKay's dive into the Warner Bros. massive money maker franchise.  The Lego Batman Movie is certainly everywhere around you right now.  Click through for my full review of the latest Lego takeover.

Will Arnett obviously must be enjoying this Lego turn.  His gravely voiced take on the classic character is perfectly made fun in the film.  The legacy and history of the Batman and whole DC universe is laid at the comedic timing of McKay and his All-Star cast.  The movie it self doesn't feel as ambitious as the Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's epic Lego Movie, but it shouldn't have to.  This Batman film gets to poke fun at the obvious issues in the whole Batman world.  Vast richness is merely a cover for sad and lonely and the emotional connection of the famed hero is on attack.  But the film really has it's nice twist with the impact of The Joker, a totally game Zach Galifiankas.  The fun twisted way The Joker owns the movie is certainly more impactful than the most recent real life (Jared Leto) take on the roll.  A great concept of Batman hurting the Joker's feelings is simplistic but fits the whole Lego world and makes the film flow nicely.  Ralph Fiennes tackling Albert is wonderful as his sage advice sounds so honest and real.  Michael Cera as Dick Grayson aka ROBIN though seems to steal the best moments and laughs from the kids.  The father-son element is a nice fall back and helps get past Batman's love interest elements with Rosario Dawson's Barbara Gordon character.  Fun times with Jermaine Clement as SAURON (yeah LOTR Sauron), but wanted so much more of Doug Benson as Bane (kids may not have gotten the 420 humor I guess). Overall the film is witty with a slightly darker tone from McKay compared to Lord/Miller Lego legacy.  A nice mix of childproof and still adult enough for everyone to enjoy this romp back into Lego Heaven.  Granted it's not like you won't see this damn movie EVERYWHERE.  Seriously has Warner Bros and Lego decided to take over everything?  Trillion Dollars here we come.  With The LEGO Ninjago and The LEGO movie II coming this franchise is just getting started.  Luckily we're still early enough where quality writers, directors and talent are attached to make billions.  But enough talking here is one more fun clip/behind the scenes to further entice you to skip the rubbish that is 50 Shades of Darker Crap and buy in to the LEGO NATION! 

Yeah the obvious top film for the next few weeks is out NOW.  Go see it and then afterwards drop the kiddos at daycare and check out Keanu Reaves killing spree part II in John Wick 2.

For more propaganda on Lego please go, here.  Ok, Ninjago looks pretty fun tooooooooo.


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