THE LONGEST WAVE – Interview with Director Joe Berlinger & Star Robby Naish

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger travels the globe with legendary windsurfer and pioneering waterman Robby Naish, a 24-time world champion whose quest to master the world’s longest waves unexpectedly reveals his vulnerabilities as a competitor, mentor and father.  Red Bull Films

Joe and Robby were awesome enough to jump on the phone with me to talk about the film, boards and much more!

The Longest Wave dives deeply in to the unique life of the big wave hunter through the eyes of legend Robby Naish.  Oscar-Nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger takes a leap of faith by tackling a subject matter and world he is unfamiliar, minus a short few days spent with Eddie Vedder and Laird Hamiliton in the early 2000s.  Joe with his trusted team and the help of Red Bull Films take us on a journey to get to know Robby Naish like he’s never been profiled before.  Add in the wild camera work of Poor Boyz Productions and you’re left with one of the more exciting and exhilarating docs of 2019!

Here are Joe Berlinger and Robby Naish talking with me about all things about THE LONGEST WAVE!!



Don’t miss out on one of the year’s thrilling rides – for more info on THE LONGEST WAVE.

Joe and Robby.

Robbie Naish and Joe Berlinger talking behinbd the scenes on beach at Skeleton Bay, Namibia on May 07, 2017
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