Austin Film Festival – LOVING – Interview with Jeff Nichols

When Martin Scorsese commands you to make a film, you do it.  Jeff Nichols 5th film has been championed by the iconic director and marks the first time the young filmmaker dives into a biographical narrative.  Click through for Gadi Elkon's interviews with Writer/Director Jeff Nichols.

Focus Features' fall release of LOVING showcases it's importance.  The honest and delicate look at the Supreme Court ruling on the Loving's historic marriage comes out in theaters this month.  The opening night film of the Austin Film Festival 2016 has already made a huge impact and is on the verge of being one of the year's most loved films.  At AFF Jeff shared the story of his producer Sarah Green getting Martin Scorsese to read the script.  Not only did Scorsese love the "delicate" (as he put it) script but he halted any notion of script notes needed and thus LOVING's script was approved.  Nichols film then garnered a standing ovation at Cannes and the sold out Paramount Theater in Austin was enamored by the important film.  A mixture of historical accuracy and touch of intelligently showcased stoic behavior.  Jeff has had a busy 2016 with the spring release of Midnight Special.  His fourth film amp'd up his visual scope and gave us a tightly wounded emotional road trip movie.  Jeff visited Dallas with Midnight Special and sat down with SeligFilmNews to discuss his film and also gave a nice sneak peak at Loving!

Jeff Nichols southern sense and texture are completely captured in LOVING.  The picturesque cinematographer highlights the rural beauty while still illuminating the rugged toughness of the cement capitol city.  Cars continue to pop up throughout Nichols work and the era is fully captured by the drag racing elements in this film.  But it's the hands of a working man that standout.  Joel Edgerton's aged worn hands become a constant reminder of the struggle.  As we continue to see him working and working on building other's homes he is kept away from his and Mildred's home.  The irony and the emotional tole are wonderfully encompassed in the incredible star making performance of Ruth Negga.  She is the heart and the soul of the film while also the reality of the lost memories of truth.  Ruth's acting is something that should be awarded along with much more (Script? Director? FILM???).  The children aren't as vocal as an addition, but their innocence is always on showcase.  Also a great cameo from Michael Shannon and you have the Nichols' touch complete.  And now here is my Red Carpet interview with Jeff Nichols about LOVING opening up AFF 2016.

Don't miss out on one of the best films of 2016.  Focus Features' LOVING.


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