October 4th Movie Releases

This bold look at the two beltway snipers is amazingly touching and haunting at the same time.   Isaiah Washington and young talent Tequan Richmond are captivating in the film.  There are two screenings of the film at the Texas Theatre, one tonight at 7 and one on Sunday at 6:30, I highly recommend you check one (if not both) of those screenings out. More info here –  www.bluecapricefilm.com. Click thru for two other films coming out today that are worth your time.


Before we get to the Oscar contender, i'd like to tell you about this over-the-top film.

There are a lot of annoying holes in this film, mainly Justin Timberlake's ability to "survive".   But I'm recommending this film for two other quality performances.  Anthony Mackie plays FBI agent Shavers who's intensity fits in perfectly and every scene he is in he steals.  Easily one of the best talents out there, Mackie showcases a tough agent with a pimp hat.  The other performance surprisingly is Ben Affleck.  I perfer when he directs himself, but his over-the-top nature was a nice treat to the film.  The pacing is a bit slow, especially anytime JT is boringly telling us about online gambling, the pace is only saved by Affleck's Scarface style demeanor.  Overall this movie treats the online gambling debate as a triller when there is so much more to the issue.  But if you're looking for a fun quick film, why not see Affleck and Mackie shine a bit.  For more info go to www.runnerrunnermovie.com.

And now for the really amazing film coming out today!

The visual masterpiece that Oscar nominee Alfonso Cuarón has created will turn him into an obvious Oscar winner.  IMAX at its most powerful and a terrrific sound mix that is amazingly haunting for its silences and loudness.  The film puts you into the action and never allows you a moment to breathe.  It's groundbreaking on all visual and audio levels.  It's not just a must see film, its an experience that will stick with you.  I would argue that it's not the greatest acting from Bullock, but George Clooney is funny and totally enjoyable throughout.  Many are championing this already and I will totally echo that praise for what Cuaron has created with a huge crew of talented folks.  It's not a perfect film and still isn't my favorite Cuaron film (Children of Men still is slightly better), but what it accomplishes on the visual spectrum is nothing short of genre-changing.  It has echoes of these great game-changers; 2001 Space Odyssey, Star Wars, The Matrix and Nolan/Pfister's Inception and Dark Knight Trilogy.  It will force all others to step up in their game when it comes to the look and sound of a film.  The best way to put it is, You Feel The Fear.

For more info go here – http://www.gravitymovie.com.

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