THE MIMIC – Interview with Writer/Director Thomas F. Mazziotti

Based on a true story, this clever, intriguing, and hysterically funny feature follows the main character – ‘the Narrator’ (Thomas Sadoski) who is befriended by his young new neighbor ‘the Kid’ (Jake Robinson), after he joins the local newspaper team. Obsessed with the idea that the Kid may be a sociopath, the Narrator goes to extreme lengths to uncover the truth about him, and his wife, who he ultimately begins to fancy. Between long walks down the street, a twisted dinner date, and a car drive gone terribly wrong, the Narrator gets closer and closer to the truth about the Kid. But the truth, as he finds, is anything but what he expected it to be.

Interview with THE MIMIC Writer/Director Thomas F. Mazziotti.



Thomas’ witty banter is filled with a real comedic timing and packs a punch.  Mixed in with the lines being delivered by a stellar cast makes for a really unique journey.  The actors seemed to relish getting to be quirky and unique. Sadoski and Robinson play really well off each other.  Austin Pendleton gets to have a fun driving scene so to does Gina Gershon.  M. Emmett Walsh and Doug Plaut are wonderfully entertaining in one of the film’s inner monologue scenes.  And finally Jessica Walter, Marilu Henner, Didi Conn and Tammy Blanchard are hilarious in their shared newspaper editor meeting scene.  The movie does a lovely job of taking you on the real journey Thomas lived.  As we unearth just how crazy the kid really is the more entangled we become in Mazziotti’s witty web.

The unique upper New York setting is itself a vibrant character in the film.  The close proximity and winding hilly area is blessed with incredible foliage and a tree line that engulfs the entire hillside.  Overall you could easily become lost, like our characters, in this intriguing setting.  Both daytime and nighttime sequences equally showcase the unique elements the setting allocates for the visual feel of the movie.

Overall a film that isn’t your typical comedy, but the extraordinary circumstances that The Narrator (aka Thomas himself) has somehow lived through.  And as we learned in my interview and in the story itself Thomas the Narrator does indeed still live near the Kid.  What a wild world they call home.

For more information about the film please go to, THE MIMIC.


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