RESISTANCE: THEY FOUGHT BACK – Interview with Filmmaker Paula S. Apsell

Our Gadi Elkon talked with Filmmaker Paula S. Apsell about the important documentary, RESISTANCE:  THEY FOUGHT BACK.


We’ve all heard of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but most people have no idea how widespread and prevalent Jewish resistance to Nazi barbarism was. Instead, it’s widely believed “Jews went to their deaths like sheep to the slaughter.” Filmed in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, and the U.S., Resistance – They Fought Back provides a much-needed corrective to this myth of Jewish passivity. There were uprisings in ghettos large and small, rebellions in death camps, and thousands of Jews fought Nazis in the forests. Everywhere in Eastern Europe, Jews waged campaigns of non-violent resistance against the Nazis.

Paula talked with Gadi about her friend Richard Freund and his utter importance to the documentary, to the knowledge, the technology utilized to unearth the truth, and so much more.  Paula shared stories of the voice talent assembled to bring life to famous Resistance figures from WWII.  Paula would also discuss the importance of making a film about these historic people.

Here is our Interview with Filmmaker and Emmy Lifetime Achievement recipient Paula S. Apsell:

The film is out in NYC this Friday April 12th.


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